Here at Eades and Bergman we get the chance to work on a lot of interesting and unique projects that are changing the way design is viewed today. For Instance the Islington Silos have proven to be an intriguing project to work on taking into consideration its unique shape and rich history in Melbourne’s expanding skyline.

First built in 1878 by Thomas Hood, The Silos became one of Victoria’s local breweries and one of Collingwood’s earliest and most successful enterprises. As a whole it represented an early phase of industrial development in the area.

Kellie Gollings images of the James Hood & Co Silos Site before construction started shows a great contrast to how they will evolve over the coming months into an apartment complex.

The Silos are a classic example of how we can preserve Melbourne’s historical landmarks by restoring them and allowing them to evolve with this ever- changing city.

The architects for the Islington Silos project have respected the historical integrity of the Silos with limited embellishment to the exterior, while we at Eades and Bergman have taken the opportunity to reflect the Silos urban surroundings throughout their interiors, rendering this complex into a classic example of how well the old and the new can work together.