Happy to be a wallflower.


We’re visual people, we like to stare at walls. But we’re sick of staring at block or pantone colours.

Enter New York wallpaper designer, Jill Malek. She’s not just gorgeous – she’s clever.

Her latest collection, Urban Frequencies sees Jill taking her everyday experiences: a dinner party with friends, a subway ride, a coffee break, and translating them into wall art via hand-screen prints.

Where eggshell white was once the go-to for interior design, Malek prefers a side of quirk, a dash of colour, and a sprinkle of the peculiar.

“The world is a composition of parallel frequencies and cyclical events; the sounds of waves crashing, the phases of the moon, the seasonal migration of birds, precipitation and the water cycle, the stages of animal life, the beat of the human heart. The result of recurring events in nature generates a stunning energy, perpetually informing our senses. Through subtle shifts of movement and scale, these designs are inspired by the fluctuating patterns of frequency found in nature.”

On a local and international level, Jill’s work can be seen at Steve Madden, Urban Alchemist, the set of Gossip Girl and much, much more. Covering hospitality, commercial, residential, developments, and retail – Jill is giving us a reason to stare at our bedroom or bathroom wall for five minutes longer. And for that we’re grateful.


A blowjob.

New York Industrial Designers, Rich Brilliant Willing have blown us away. Their rotating stage installation for the Museum of Modern Art’s PS1o edition of Warm-Up, a summer concert series, has us saluting their brains.

‘Pixels of Joy’ utilised hundreds of balloons of different shapes and colours, woven into mesh surfaces to create a display that the boys described as exuberant and kinetic.

A simple, cost effective, and colourful idea that met its brief effortlessly and communicated the brand’s personality in style. The RBW boys demonstrated modern industrial design with a child-like spin.

Apart from missing out on a dance and a chat with this ever-so-charming trio, we would have loved to see this installation in the flesh. But that’s what we’ve got The Internet for.

NB Must organise a Skype date.



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