Matthew Liam Collins is a British surface designer and decorative artist living and working in Melbourne. Matthews business Art & Interiors has its design studio in The Docklands Cottonmills in Footscray where his practice includes the design and production of his range of Sackcloth & Ashes wallpapers, antiqued mirrors, bespoke surface finishes, customised furniture as well as his own art practice.
Art & Interiors offers bespoke decorative solutions on projects both commercial and residential and most recently has made antiqued mirrors for The Meatball and Wine Bar and has just completed a mural at Little Hunter.
Thanks to itinerant renovation-junky parents, a keen eye for perfect patina and a romantic heart Matthew continues to bring an air of established sophistication through his bespoke products and services which walk the fine line between the contemporary and the ancient.

Paul Grummisch


I am Paul Grummisch and…

I prefer The Smiths to Metallica
I prefer mild days to hot
I prefer t-shirts to shirts
I prefer being an industrial designer to not being one
I prefer well designed to just designed
I prefer unembellished to embellished
I went to Swinburne University and then I went home

Daniel Barbera


Daniel Barbera recently designed bespoke stools for Eades and Bergman’s newly completed Meatball and Wine Bar, located in Flinders Lane. Playing on the raw interior surrounds, Daniel has produced a unique and fitting addition to the Meatball and Wine Bar.

Beginning from an interest in his father’s workshop as a child, Daniel Barbera followed his passion for design, graduating with honours from Monash University in Industrial Design. Influenced by his father’s love of art, furniture, objects and creating, Daniel began a career specializing in fitting out interiors with furniture, eventually leading to beginning his own company, Barbera Design.

Founded in 2003, Barbera Design focuses on furniture designed for local production, designing Bespoke furniture, as well as creating its own ranges including the lighting range, Shady.

Daniel’s product ethos centres itself around logical design outcomes, working with old industrial processes fused with modern technology and craftsmen, to deliver timeless quality furniture.

Since 2004, Daniel Barbera has been involved with many exhibitions, such as Launch Pad and Saturday InDesign, while also being awarded the lighting award at Fringe in 2004 for his exhibition, Crooked Shady. Recent products include the Bronze table, and Lovelock coat-stand, both solid cast bronze pieces, which are continuing to expand into complete ranges.

Working between commissions and self-initiated products, Barbera Design has established itself as an artisan furniture studio and manufacturer of quality Australian designed and made furniture.


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