How to achieve greatness, with Antonio Herrero

For me, personal development is growing gradually, to become what you are, in that strength that you have.

—Antonio Herrero

Antonio is the creator of He is a person who has been questioning the meaning of life since he was little, and that has led him to do practically everything: from working in one of the most important newspapers in Spain or setting up several successful businesses, to leaving everything to go traveling around the world or spend several months in India training as a yoga teacher.

Discovering personal development and spirituality meant a before and after for Antonio… and today he lives in the countryside surrounded by nature, and dedicates himself to meditating, writing, and teaching everything he knows through his articles, books , retreats and mentoring.

In our conversation, Antonio and I cover his entire career, from his adolescence when he felt like he was riding in a boat without oars until today, where he leads a life totally aligned with his nature and his priorities, and we talk about topics as interesting as …

  • Why Antonio decided to close a business in full growth to go touring America and Asia for a year and a half
  • How Antonio discovered yoga and meditation
  • What was it that led Antonio to leave his old profession behind to dedicate himself 100% to personal development?
  • According to Antonio, what are the 7 pillars that we must all cultivate in order to achieve greatness as human beings?
  • How Antonio recommends starting to meditate, and why he considers it such an important habit

Let me tell you that Antonio is a very special guy, who always thinks big and is capable of seeing opportunities where others only see problems, so I’m sure you’ll love this interview.

But hey, I prefer not to anticipate anything else and let you discover it yourself, so without further ado I leave you with the great Antonio Herrero 🙂

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quick index

0:48 – Presentation of the guest

2:18 – Start of the interview

4:00 – How does Antonio manage to have a coffee with Amuda Goueli, the CEO of

7:10 – Antonio always describes his parents as a curious version of the book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’. What does he mean by this?

10:13 – Why he grows up with a feeling of scarcity despite coming from a family that was financially well off

12:40 p.m. – Why was he bad at studying?

15:02 – Why did you decide to drop out in 3rd ESO?

17:03 – Why did you decide to study electronics first and then graphic arts, which are two opposing subjects?

20:02 – How was the exam to obtain the baccalaureate certificate

26:07 Why did you decide to go to Cambridge?

27:45 – What did it mean to live abroad and what did that vital experience mean to Antonio?

29:41 – Why you decide to start working as a freelance and how you get the first clients

33:03 – How did you come up with the idea of ​​business cards?

34:06 – What drives you to set up your own graphic design studio?

36:57 – What new strategy does he apply to make himself known?

39:24 – Why you decide to start creating niche pages and how you combine it with working in the design studio

42:01 – What was it that made you leave everything and go to travel the world?

48:03 – What do you spend your time during that year and a half of travel?

49:17 – What were your sources of income during the trip

51:10 – What it consisted of and how the multiniche page “recommendations and trends” began

52:49 – What experience marked you the most during the trip?

58:54 – How these 18 months of travel have changed you

1:01:10 – How he discovered yoga and why he decided to train as a teacher

1:04:47 – What did the yoga teacher course give you on a personal level?

1:07:54 – How was the silent meditation retreat in the village of the Dalai Lama

1:09:23 – Why, when he returned to Madrid, he decided to break up with his partner and buy the “recommendations and trends” website from him

1:12:00 – What was the plan to grow “recommendations and trends”

1:18:23 – What results did you get with the changes you made to systematize the business?

1:19:10 – You are offered to do a collaboration in a newspaper, what do you respond to this proposal? Are you willing to work for a third person?

1:22:00 – Why you decide to start your own blog and why you choose the name “rich and free”

1:27:51 – What did you plan to achieve with that blog?

1:29:14 – Why did you decide to go live in Ukraine for a month?

1:32:50 – Why did you decide to go live in the country when the pandemic began?

1:37:09 – How the “rich and free” blog works

1:39:31 – Knows why Google penalizes the blog and how it maintains motivation

1:41:37 Why did you get kicked out of El Confidencial and what did you learn working there?

1:48:10 – The affiliate website “recommendations and trends” begins to give less income, what happened? And how did you manage this drop in profits?

1:52:53 – He was not afraid to change sectors when he already dominated the affiliation

1:55:09 – What does your new personal development project consist of?

2:06:56 – What will the book you are going to publish be about?

2:09:50 – How have you been doing so far with this approach to personal development?

2:15:11 – How is a normal day in the life of Antonio

2:21:48 – You are happy and satisfied with the life you currently lead

2:22:41 – What it means for Antonio to achieve greatness

2:25:09 – Why do you believe that gratitude is the basis for achieving greatness?

2:34:18 – What is meditation for and why is it necessary to achieve greatness?

2:21:48 – What would you recommend to listeners who are interested in starting to meditate?

2:43:18 – What are the benefits of meditation?

2:46:46 – How Antonio recommends using a notebook and why he considers it so important

2:56:50 – What is the difference between goal and purpose and what is the connection between the two

3:05:20 – Why it is so difficult to change behavior patterns and establish habits

3:16:46 – Why do you consider positive thinking so important?

3:23:08 – What is the importance of the challenges

3:26:33 – Upon returning from your trip to India, you had undergone a spectacular physical transformation. What were the keys to that change?

3:29:39 – How Antonio understands and applies fasting

3:31:44 – What was it like to fast for 4 days and what does it consist of?

3:35:34 What did you discover from the experience?

3:37:32 – What are the most important conclusions you have reached in relation to money

3:43:26 – What do you mean by actions and thoughts of small impact versus actions and thoughts of great impact

3:51:58 – What are your plans for the coming months, both personally and professionally?

3:53:42 – What are the 3 books that have marked a before and after in your life?

3:55:35 – Who are the 3 people who have influenced you the most over the years and what have you learned from them?

3:59:16 – Advice, message or final recommendation for listeners

4:00:25 – Where to find Antonio

4:06:43– Farewell

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