How to create a brand of kombucha that is sold throughout Spain, with Beatriz Magro

I encourage everyone that if there is a bug in you, or you have that virus of Living to the Fullest that you have to do something and create value, do it because, in the end, even if there are many headaches, it is always worth the effort. grief. Above all, what I say about being able to choose the life you want. It’s a gift.

— Beatriz Magro

Beatriz Magro is the co-founder of KomVidaA company of kombucha located in Fregenal de la Sierra (Badajoz) which has set itself the objective of bringing this ancient drink to all supermarkets, restaurants and shops in Spain.

And I must say that for the moment they are succeeding, because in only a year and a half of life, the company already has a team of 18 people, and its product is sold in Starbucks, El Corte Inglés, Carrefour and a lot of other places. .

Bea is an incredible girl, who has been doing things her way for a long time. She already in her university days she took a 5-year degree in 4, and since then she has not stopped. She has lived and worked in various countries, she returned to Spain in the midst of the crisis because she wanted to spend a season in Madrid, and a few years later she decided to leave her job in the capital to go and travel the world alone. .

In our conversation, Bea and I cover her entire journey, from her childhood in Fregenal to her current life as co-founder of KomVida, and we talk about things as interesting as:

  • Bea’s opinion about studying a master’s degree (she has 2 master’s degrees)
  • Why Bea decided to give up alcohol and caffeine for a year
  • How he discovered kombucha and how he got the idea to create KomVida
  • How she has managed to reconcile her pregnancy with being the director of a growing company
  • Or Bea’s advice for someone deciding to start a premium gazpacho brand

If you’ve ever wondered how a consumer food product is created and distributed, stay with us, because I think you’re going to love this episode.

Also, if after listening to us you dare to try kombucha, you can order any KomVida product with a 10% discount by entering and using the coupon VAMKOMVIDA. This discount is courtesy of Bea, I don’t get any kind of commission, but as a customer I can tell you that her kombucha is delicious. My favorite flavor is the natural one, the green tea one.

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quick index

0:50 – Guest presentation

2:54 – Start of the interview

4:50 – What was Bea like when she was little?

7:27 – Why did you study translation and interpreting?

10:39 – How a 5-year bachelor’s degree ended, with an Erasmus in between and a master’s degree in the last year, in 4 years

15:38 – What caught your attention from American universities and how did your time there mark you?

21:16 – Why he returned to Europe and changed sectors to start working in online marketing

23:10 – Why after just over a year in Germany he returned to the United States to work again as a Teacher Assistant

26:19 – Story of when I lived next door to Hollywood

28:35 – Why did you decide to return to Spain at the worst moment of the crisis?

30:12 – What is the secret so that, throughout her life, it has always been so easy for her to find a job and what advice would she give to people who do not find it so easy with her?

34:31 – Bea’s opinion about master’s degrees, in which cases would she recommend doing a master’s degree and in which cases she would not

39:40 – Why did you decide to quit your job and take a gap year to travel the world?

44:19 – How did your family take you to leave your job to go traveling around the world?

48:20 – Why you decided to give up alcohol and caffeine during your gap year

51:18 – After leaving your boyfriend, how you realized you wanted to get back together with him and how you maintained your relationship while traveling

54:41 – What is wwoofing

57:32 – What is kombucha and how is it made?

1:01:20 – At what point did you start considering doing a kombucha business and bringing it to Spain?

1:06:24 – When he proposed his business idea to other people, everyone told him that it was a bad idea. However, she decided to go ahead. Because?

1:09:43 – How she convinced her partner, Nuria, to start her project with her

1:14:28 – How they began to manage their project while Bea was traveling the world and her partner was in Spain

1:16:14 – How they found the formula for their kombucha

1:19:21 – At what point do you take the step from making kombucha in your kitchen to committing 100% to your project and making the initial investment, and where did you get the money to make that initial investment?

1:25:09 – Why did you choose the name Komvida?

1:25:47 – At that time, kombuchas were sold in Spain low cost. What was your plan to compete with them when no one knew about them

1:29:30 – How they begin to make themselves known and get their first clients

1:32:29 – How were the first visits to the stores to offer them your product

1:35:03 – How did they get big companies like Starbucks or El Corte Inglés to sell their product?

1:38:28 – It was leaked to the media that Queen Letizia drank Komvida. How did this affect orders and how did you handle it?

1:43:04 – What has been your biggest challenge since you created your company and how did you overcome it?

1:46:05 – How they manage that the majority of their employees are family and friends

1:49:15 – How your relationship with Nuria has changed from being best friends to being partners

1:50:35 – How did you balance getting pregnant and being a mother right at the same time you opened your company?

1:54:24 – How is Bea’s day to day

1:57:38 – Have you managed to lead the kind of life you wanted? Are things how she expected her? Is happy?

2:02:37 – What is your goal with your company?

2:04:23 – If you want to create your own brand of premium gazpacho, where do you have to start?

2:11:16 – Tips for negotiating with suppliers

2:14:00 – How to get them to give you money for your project

2:17:17 – How to price your product to be able to cover costs and still be profitable

2:20:06 – Where to start selling: small stores or large companies

2:21:06 – How to make the product always taste the same

2:25:05 – If you were to start over, would you do anything differently?

2:28:11 – The 3 books that have marked you the most

2:31:40 – Where to find Bea and how to try KomVida

2:33:40 – Discount code to Live to the Fullest: VAMKOMVIDA

2:34:26 – Farewell

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