How to create your Good Luck, with Álex Rovira

Very rarely do we put knowledge into learning how to live better, how to grow, and that can be learned.

Because everything is a language and the language of Good Luck can be learned to speak.

— Alex Rovira

Alex Rovira (@alexroviracelma) is an entrepreneur, international lecturer and trainer, and has published 18 books that have sold more than ten million copies worldwide, including the best-seller “Good luck”.

In addition, Álex is passionate about psychology and personal development, and is possibly one of the people who has spent the most time reflecting on what it means to lead “a good life”.

In this interview, Álex and I cover his entire career, from his beginnings as a Business Science student to today, when he is an author and speaker of recognized prestige, and we talk about topics as interesting as…

  • What did Álex do to lose his fear of public speaking when he started working as a teacher?
  • How Álex came up with the idea of ​​publishing the book “La Buena Suerte” and how he was able to write it in just 8 hours
  • Why does Álex distinguish between 2 types of luck and what is the difference between them?
  • What role does Álex think luck plays when it comes to creating a life that suits you?
  • Or what are the most important values, attitudes and habits that you must develop according to Álex to create your Good Luck

This is one of the most philosophical and in-depth interviews I’ve ever recorded, because Álex is someone who has read a lot, thought a lot, and spent a lot of time getting to know himself and asking himself tough questions, so I think you’re going to love it. .

But hey, I prefer not to anticipate anything else and let you discover it yourself, so without further ado I leave you with the great Álex Rovira.

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quick index

0:44 – Presentation of the guest

2:12 – Start of the interview

2:19 – How I met Alex

4:37 – Why does Álex consider a peasant with whom he spent time in his childhood one of his teachers and what did he teach him?

13:29 – Where does Álex’s innate curiosity and love of learning come from?

18:46 – What was it that led you to be interested in psychology?

21:44 – Why did you choose to study Business Studies?

25:30 – What was the reason that he decided to study at a private and very expensive university knowing that he had to pay for his studies because his family could not help him

28:44 – What did you think of the race?

29:55 – What do you think was the reason that in your last year of studies the dean of the university offered you to become an assistant to some professors?

33:56 – Why did you accept the position and what was the experience of giving your first class like?

39:57 – What other projects did you have at that time besides teaching?

43:03 – What tools and disciplines of psychology have you been trained in and what use have you given them?

49:44 – What impact did these formations have on him from a personal point of view?

53:37 How and why did you start writing?

1:03:15 – What Jordi Nadal was talking about in the prologue of a book that he read and that he liked so much that he decided to send him an email

1:09:02 – Where did the idea of ​​writing a book about luck come from?

1:16:52 – Why does Álex think the Good Luck book was so successful?

1:20:30 – How Álex managed to write 11 books in 8 years without being a writer his main occupation

1:23:35 – How he became a professional speaker

1:27:57 – Why did you decide to leave your job as a consultant?

1:30:30 – What is the reason that in 2020 you created your online school

1:37:39 – What is the difference between your courses and your books

1:43:10 – What is Álex currently doing?

1:45:27 – How is a normal day in the life of Álex Rovira

1:48:52 – Álex explains if he is happy with the life he has created

1:52:15 – How luck in lower case differs from Good Luck.

2:05:44 – How important is luck in the development of our lives and to what extent does it determine our destiny?

2:16:11 – Why does Álex believe that there are people who feel guilty for being lucky and what should we do as people who have been born with lowercase luck?

2:19:38 – Why are there people who are not happy with the luck of others and what can they do to improve in this regard?

2:24:51 – What is the reason that when faced with situations that from the outside seem unlucky, some people who experience them are capable of assessing them as good luck

2:32:22 – What does the phrase “prepare circumstances for opportunity” mean in relation to Good Luck

2:38:42 – Why does Álex think that the opportunities are there and that we can take them whenever we want?

2:49:38 – What is the relationship between being brave, following your heart and having Good Luck?

2:58:37 – What does Álex think are the habits of people who share Good Luck and why those specific habits help to have Good Luck and not others

3:06:59 – How to identify the people who attract Good Luck from those who repel it and how we can make the former part of our lives

3:19:08 – Of the books you have written, which are your 3 favorites, the ones you are most proud of and why?

3:21:01 – What future plans does Alex have?

3:21:56 – Advice, recommendation or final message from Álex

3:23:26 – Where to find Alex

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