How to earn money managing apartments for Airbnb, with Federico García del Real

I think financial freedom has been sold to us as doing nothing. And no one can do nothing. The human being is in this world to do something and among other things to work.

And today there are many possibilities to dedicate yourself to what you want, to what you love and have a full life in every way.

— Fede Nomad

Federico Garcia del Real (@fedenomad), alias Fede Nomad, is a nomadic entrepreneur who has been traveling, investing and doing business all over the world for several years.

Fede is a member of Produpin, a promotional products company that manufactures more than 1 million pins each year. He is the co-owner of Tulumeando, a real estate agency through which he manages an estate of more than 12 million dollars. And on top of all that he has 7 apartments owned by him, which he operates through Airbnb.

In this interview, Fede and I cover his entire career, from his beginnings as a collector and engineer to the challenges of his current nomadic lifestyle, and we talk about topics as interesting as…

  • How Fede sold more than $100,000 worth of pins during the Rio Olympics
  • What is the first thing Fede does when starting a business from scratch?
  • How Fede felt when he finally achieved financial freedom
  • What is the most important thing according to Fede to be successful renting your apartment through Airbnb
  • Or what are the tools that have helped Fede the most to get to know himself better?

As you can see, Fede is a true business shark, and you will rarely have the opportunity to listen to such a deep and detailed conversation with someone like him, so I really think this is an interview that you cannot miss 🙂

But well, I prefer not to anticipate anything else and that it be a surprise, so, without further ado, I leave you with the great Fede Nomad.

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quick index

0:49 – Presentation of the guest

2:07 – Start of the interview

2:13 – How I met Fede

4:04 – How he managed to sell $100,000 worth of pins during the Rio de Janeiro Olympics

6:52 – How Fede’s hobby for pins began

11:22 – When did it occur to you to go from collecting pins to selling them and to whom did you sell them?

2:39 p.m. – How much did you earn at that time selling pins?

15:36 – Why he studied Industrial Technical Engineering

18:08 – Why did you later enroll in a higher degree but did not finish it?

20:47 – Why did he leave it and how did his parents take it?

23:17 – What was your first job?

26:57 – What is it that Fede likes about sales that is something for which most people feel rejection

29:25 – How he managed to double the sales of the entire department in his next job

39:22 – How about the Master’s degree in international business management that you did when you left your last job as an employee?

42:17 – What was your first company and how did the idea of ​​creating it come about?

48:12 – What impact did “The 4-hour work week” have on Fede’s case and how did it change him?

56:35 – What passive businesses did you start as a result of reading the book and how did you do with them?

1:04:07 – Why did he decide to leave his girlfriend and go traveling around the world?

1:07:09 – How was Fede’s experience as a digital nomad

1:10:00 – Who is David Pozo and what brought him to Produpin

1:12:32 – How Fede felt the day he opened his work email and had no email in his inbox because he had managed to delegate everything

1:15:36 – What is the enneagram and why Fede fell apart when he saw a video about his enneatype

1:19:44 – What conclusions did you draw and what did you decide to do after watching the video?

1:21:17 – Why did you make David a partner instead of keeping him as an employee?

1:27:50 – What aroused Fede’s interest in investing in the real estate sector

1:30:11 – What book would you recommend to get started in real estate investing?

1:32:24 – Why did you buy 3 apartments in Tulum and what was your goal with them?

1:35:42 – What process did you use to be sure that this investment was a good opportunity?

1:39:51 – Fede explains what Airbnb is

1:41:58 – What are the steps that Fede takes each time he has to set up a company or a project?

1:45:15 – What do you look for when you have to hire someone for your team?

1:46:35 – What strategy does Fede use to delegate and be sure that the people who work for him are going to do their job well?

1:50:25 – How was the economic agreement reached with the neighbors who wanted Fede to manage the rental of their apartments?

1:51:30 – What exactly were Fede and his team in charge of in the management of those apartments, only the operational part or also the strategic part?

1:53:41 – What are the keys to creating a perfect property profile on Airbnb

2:02:09 – How to decide the rental price on Airbnb

2:11:09 – How much does it cost an owner to rent their apartment through Airbnb

2:14:45 – How to get visibility on Airbnb and help people find the apartment you have for rent

2:17:49 – What are the keys to getting good reviews?

2:20:26 – What are the advantages of being superhost And what do you have to do to get that distinction?

2:22:19 – How Fede recommends that the reception of guests be: personalized or autonomous, and how he does it

2:27:48 – In cases where you subcontract the cleaning of the apartment, how can you make sure that it is perfect for the next guest without having to go and check it yourself?

2:30:43 – What advantages does Airbnb have over other vacation rental platforms?

2:36:11 – Fede’s final recommendation on rental apartments

2:42:22 – What is FedeNomad and why did you decide to start it?

2:49:05 – What profile of people is it aimed at and may be interested in the services offered by FedeNomad

2:51:52 – What are the specific services offered by FedeNomad

2:53:44 – What guarantees does it offer?

2:57:09 – Where you can find more information about Fede Nomad

2:58:37 – Where in the world is Fede now?

2:59:12 – What is a normal day in the life of Fede and how is it organized?

3:00:48 – What does Fede think are the most expensive resignations he has had to make to live as he currently does?

3:03:14 – Fede explains if he is happy with the life he has created

3:04:39 – Where does Fede see himself in 10 or 20 years?

3:06:15 – What are the keys to connecting with influential people like some of the ones Fede knows who from the outside seem unattainable

3:08:40 – What are the drawbacks of financial freedom that most people overlook?

3:12:45 – What is Fede’s goal once he has achieved financial freedom

3:13:51 – What are the experiences, people, tools or resources that have helped you the most to know yourself?

3:17:47 – What are the 3 books that have changed your life?

3:20:17 – What plans does Fede have for the coming months?

3:22:39 – Final advice or recommendation for listeners

3:24:33 – Where to find Fede

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