How to fulfill your dreams, with Ami Bondía

That you have to believe in dreams, that you have to go for them, because I also believe that if we dream them it is because we have the capacity and the tools in ourselves to be able to achieve it.

And that can be extrapolated to any person and any dream, but you have to be very clear about what you want in life, and secondly, you have to know the tools.

— Ami Bondía

Ami Bondía (@amibodia) was the press officer for Alejandro Sanz on the international tours “El tren de los momentos” and “Sirope”, and also at his recent historic concert “Más es más”.

Ami is a doctor in journalism with emotional intelligence; she is a collaborator in the TVE program Emprende; She writes for media such as El País – Retina, and teaches at different universities and business schools.

In addition, she is the author of two books, “Un café con Chan” and “Mundo de Valientes”; presents events; gives lectures; and most important of all: she is a woman who never stops dreaming.

In our talk, Ami and I cover his entire career, from the hard road he had to go through to gain a foothold in the music industry, to the reasons that led him to leave that sector and dedicate himself to what he does today, and We talk about things as interesting as…

  • The strategy that Ami followed to meet Alejandro Sanz in person when he was only 17 years old
  • How Ami got into RLM, one of the agencies of management most important musicals in Spain
  • Why Ami left the world of music and international tours to work in an NGO
  • How Ami discovered personal branding and went from being unknown in the industry to being regularly hired to give lectures and classes at universities, and even work on television
  • Or what is Ami’s secret to being able to enjoy her 2 daughters without having to give up her personal and professional life?

For me, Ami is the living example that with work and patience (almost all) dreams can come true, and also the energy and enthusiasm that he transmits when he speaks are contagious, so, really, I think this is an interview that you can’t miss 🙂

But hey, I think the best thing is for you to see all this for yourself, so without further ado, I’ll leave you with the great Ami Bondía.

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0:52– Presentation of the guest

2:28 – Start of the interview

4:01 – Where does your name come from

7:45 – Where does your last name come from?

9:32 – On his 15th birthday they gave him an Alejandro Sanz record and he became his biggest fan. Because?

11:53 – What did you do to try to meet Alejandro Sanz?

26:30 – What impact did the meeting with Alejandro Sanz have on your life?

32:00 What was it like to study journalism?

39:59 Why did you choose television?

42:34 – Was the world of television as expected?

43:06 – How are reality shows from behind

48:06 – After a few months working on TV, you decided to return to Valencia to work with the music production company organized by Viña Rock. Why did she decide to make this change?

51:09 – As part of your work at Viña Rock, did you have a relationship with the artists on a day-to-day basis?

54:01 – What did you work on to pay for your postgraduate degree in Barcelona and how do you combine it with your studies?

55:59 – How was the postgraduate course, was it worth it?

56:55 – The postgraduate course included a paid internship and she liked Sony. However, a few weeks before choosing, she received a call that changed her plans. What happened

1:01:06 – How was your experience in RLM and how did you get hired after your internship?

1:06:08 – How is the hidden face of the world of music

1:10:56 – What is the position Assistant of the promotion department in RLM?

1:12:31 – How was your experience working with so many artists?

1:17:06 – Do you think that these successful musicians are, in general, happy?

1:19:13 – One of the first projects you were entrusted with was coordinating a tour of Spain for the group Second. What was her role as coordinator?

1:22:07 – How are the tours of the groups

1:23:46 – How was your first meeting with Alejandro Sanz as a professional, not as a fan. Did he recognize you?

1:27:33 – A few weeks after this meeting with Alejandro Sanz, you were appointed press coordinator for Alejandro Sanz’s next tour. How did you live that moment?

1:33:27 – How were the first days with Alejandro and the team. Was it difficult for you to adjust to seeing him every day and to such a high-pressure job?

1:39:28 – Where does Chan’s nickname come from?

1:40:30 – How did you feel living for several months in the “bubble of fame”

1:44:39 – How are the relationships that are created during a tour and what did you like the most and what you least liked

1:49:41 – After spending almost a year with Alejandro, did you discover that she was the girl who went to his house?

1:51:31 – Why after 4 years in RLM he decided to leave

1:58:19 – What do you think you did well to move up so quickly in your company?

2:02:13 – What was it like to work with Rosa Lagarrigue?

2:05:00 – After leaving RLM, you decide to sign up for a master’s degree in cooperation and development. Why did she decide to train in something that was so different from what he had done so far?

2:10:55 – What is personal branding and what made you become interested in that field

2:17:24 – What is the difference between Ami’s way of understanding the personal brand and the traditional way

2:24:34 – How she managed, starting from 0, to be called to give her first classes and talks

2:32:28 – Was it difficult for you to leave Cooperatour and dedicate yourself 100% to your project?

2:36:04 – A few months before leaving Cooperatuour you published your first book, A coffee with Chan. What is the book about and why did he decide to write it?

2:39:28 – What do you say to Alejandro Sanz when you give him the book and how did he react?

2:41:16 – How the opportunity to work in television arose through your book

2:41:52 – What happened as a result of A coffee with Chan appearing on TV

2:50:28 – Two weeks after leaving his job, Alejandro’s team called him to travel with him on the next tour. what decision did you make

2:53:19 – How do you get to a point where a company wants to hire only you and is therefore willing to adapt to what you ask to get you to work with them?

2:56:08 – How he took advantage of the potential of social networks during the tour of Alejandro Sanz in 2016

3:01:49 – What happened at the Círculo Rojo editorial gala that she attended as a nominee for best personal growth book

3:08:29 How did you balance your work with everything else?

3:15:03 – What has changed in your life since your daughters were born?

3:18:27 – What a normal day in the life of Ami is like

3:21:18 – Are you happy with your life?

3:26:07 – What are your plans for the coming months?

3:32:06 – Final words for the listeners

3:33:43 – Where to find Ami

3:43:21 – Farewell

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