How to go from having a coaching business to working in the blockchain ecosystem

I wondered every day: what am I avoiding for fear of rejection, criticism, judgment, causing disappointment… And that question that I asked myself every day was what totally catapulted me.

Hana Kanjaa

Hana Kanjaa (@HanaKanjaa), in case you don’t know her, she is a woman who, at 45 years old, has done and experienced many many many things:

  • Has changed house more than 20 times
  • He has had more than 40 different jobs
  • Has had an accident in which he was about to die
  • He has published a book with Penguin Random House.
  • He has created his own business with which he almost went bankrupt

… and I could go on like this for a while πŸ™‚

Even so, it seems that all this has not been enough for her, because in 2021 Hana decided to take a new 180ΒΊ turn in her professional life and leave the world of coaching and personal development to enter a totally different sector such as the blockchain and crypto sector.

Hana has worked in the Unit Network community, has been the head of communication for Olympus DAO, and is currently the founder of PivotDAO: a social impact startup that aims to teach Spanish women aged 35+ the necessary knowledge and skills so that they can pivot their career and start or find work in the new Web3.

In our conversation, Hana and I cover her entire career, from her beginnings when she did practically everything, until today, when she is about to celebrate her first year working and starting a business in the blockchain ecosystem, and we talk about topics as interesting as …

  • Why, despite having a career and speaking 4 languages, Hana spent several years of her life doing unskilled jobs
  • What was the turning point that made Hana swear to herself that she was going to find a way to make it on her own?
  • Why Hana decided to close her business even though it was profitable at the time
  • What Hana did to get her first job in the blockchain ecosystem and what was her experience working for a DAO
  • What does Hana think are the biggest job opportunities that exist right now in the new Web3

Hana’s story is super inspiring, and she is also a woman who has a very special energy and very very very contagious, so I’m sure you’ll love this interview.

But hey, I prefer not to anticipate anything else and that you discover it yourself, so without further ado I leave you with the great Hana Kanjaa.

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0:50 – Presentation of the guest

3:52 – Start of the interview

4:08 – How I Met Hana

7:58 – Where does your last name come from?

8:58 – Where did your motivation to study both at school and in high school come from?

11:00 Why did you decide to study advertising and public relations?

15:15 – Why did you decide to go on Erasmus to France and what was your experience like?

21:29 – Why after coming back from Erasmus you moved to Pamplona

25:25 – What did you do when you arrived in Pamplona?

36:10 – Which countries did you visit after deciding to leave Pamplona?

44:50 – What happened after settling in Valencia to end the relationship with your partner

50:38 – How you got your first qualified job, even if it had nothing to do with what you had studied

54:28 – Why did you decide to leave your job in a multinational company?

1:00:35 – Why did you change the idea of ​​quitting your job after discovering skydiving?

1:08:00 – Why did you become interested in an ICEX scholarship and what happened so that in the end they did not give it to you?

1:21:38 – What things did she try to achieve her goal of working for herself

1:24:20 – How he discovered the world of coaching and why he decided to train to be a coach

1:31:20 – Why did you decide to open a Youtube channel on raw veganism and how did it go with it?

1:38:40 – Why after training as a coach you did not immediately dedicate yourself to it

1:47:15 – How was the accident in which he was about to lose his life

1:58:21 – How did it go with your Youtube channel on maternity

2:06:00 – When and how your big project starts

2:09:15 – How he lived the moment in which he managed to get his personal business to start giving him income

2:14:54 – Why do you say that the decline of your business began at the same time that you were filling all the places in your courses?

2:19:54 – What happened to make your business go bad

2:31:54 – How you created your first webinar and how it went with it

2:36:54 – Where did you get the money and resources to mount a launch (PLF) and how did it go with it?

2:47:45 – How did the release of β€œReto Stoico” go and why did you feel it was the beginning of the end of your personal project?

2:52:40 – What you did with your business after you decided that stage was over

2:59:20 – What was your degree of predisposition when looking for new projects or jobs and what did you do

3:25:00 – What is Discord and what is a DAO

3:27:10 – How you found a job on the Discord servers and what the experience was like

3:37:00 – What is DYORistas (his new personal project)

3:43:25 – Why have you decided to change the name of DYORistas to call it PivotDAO

3:46:40 – What professional positions are required by the new Blockchain ecosystem

3:50:40 – What is the free training of PivotDAO on the fundamentals of Blockchain and how can people sign up

3:57:24 – What do you currently spend your time (both personally and professionally)

4:01:20 – Is Hana satisfied with her life?

4:03:50 – Your opinion on whether the Blockchain is the future or just a bubble

4:16:19 – The three books that have marked you the most in your life

4:20:15 – Hana’s advice to all listeners

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