How to improve your social skills and earn thousands of euros a month with niche pages, with Pau Forner Navarro

You don’t need to feel confident to act because if you don’t, if you wait until you feel confident to act, you’re going to wait your whole life. What you need is to act and then you will start to feel confident.

—Pau Forner Navarro

Pau Forner Navarro (@pau4navarro) is the creator of Habilidad Social, one of the most widely read social skills blogs in Spanish, with 750,000 monthly visits, and the author of the book “Dirige tu vida”, which aims to help you improve your social life and which he published in 2018 with Editorial Planeta.

In addition to that, Pau has several affiliate niche pages, which generate tens of thousands of euros per month; He teaches online marketing at various masters and business schools; and recently he started a new blog called “Una vida online”, in which he teaches other people to start their own project on the Internet.

As you can see, Pau is a very interesting person, who has done and continues to do many things, and that added to the fact that he is a good friend of mine, made the conversation get out of hand and take longer than necessary. So once again, I had to divide it in two to make it more digestible because in total it lasts almost 5 hours.

In the first part of the conversation (episode #12), Pau and I, in addition to laughing a lot, talked about his professional career, about how he overcame his shyness, and about his beginnings in the online business world, and we covered topics as interesting as…

  • Why Pau lived several years of his life in the house of Stoickhov, the former Barcelona player
  • What was the strategy that Pau followed to graduate with the best record of his class without having to study a lot?
  • What is the difference between being an introvert and being shy, and what did Pau do to overcome his shyness?
  • Who is “the man who couldn’t love” and what role does he play in Pau’s life?
  • Why Pau doesn’t like to set goals, and what he recommends doing instead

In the second part (episode #13), Pau and I laugh even more than in the first, and we talk in depth about niche pages and affiliation, about his book and his other projects, and about his current life, and in this case we touch topics as interesting as…

  • How does Pau manage to be able to do so many things?
  • What was Pau’s experience publishing a book with Editorial Planeta?
  • According to Pau, what should you do to distinguish between smoke sellers and people who really know what they are talking about on the Internet?
  • Why affiliation is Pau’s favorite business model
  • What are Pau’s recommendations if you decide to start a niche page

Also, let me tell you that Pau is creating a new program in which for the first time he is going to teach the same system that he has been using for more than 6 years to earn a living with his niche pages, so if you have been wanting to set up your own online project and you are interested in learning more, I encourage you to go to and sign up for the free training they are organizing to present this program.

The training will consist of 4 videos, will start on March 6, 2019, and will only be available for 12 days, until March 18. In any case, if you are listening to this episode after the publication date and Pau’s training has already finished, don’t worry, I’ll try to convince him to reopen it as soon as possible or upload some kind of useful training to the same website. :

And that’s all I wanted to tell you!

Whether you are interested in online business or not, I think you are going to love these two episodes, because they are so much fun and full of useful tips…

So, without further ado, I’ll leave you with the great Pau Forner Navarro.

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listen in itunes | iVoox | Spotify

Episode #12 Links

Where to find Pau:

Mentioned in the episode:

Mentioned books:

Mentioned people:

Quick index of episode #12

0:41 – Presentation of the guest

3:18 – Start of the interview

6:11 – For several years of his life, Pau lived in the former house of Hristo Stoichov. How he ended up living in the house of a former soccer player and what the house is like

10:50 – Pau has worked on all kinds of things, especially in his student days. What kind of jobs did he do

17:45 – Why I study biotechnology

10:40 p.m. – What is taught in biotechnology

12:36 p.m. – He finished the race with the best record of his promotion. What was his strategy to get such good grades?

30:33 – After finishing his degree, Pau enrolled in his doctorate. However, after a short time, he left him. What made you change your mind and leave it?

34:38 – After leaving his doctorate, he decided to do an MBA at Harvard and enrolled in an academy to pass the entrance exam. However, a few months later a small consultancy called him to offer him a job and, in the end, he decided to accept the offer and not do the MBA. Why did he make this decision?

39:57 – What did the company do and what was the role he had

45:52 – What does Pau understand as “marketing”

48:11 Why do you like marketing so much?

49:24 – Three years after being in this consultancy, he receives an offer from Zambon and decides to accept it and leave the consultancy. Why did he decide to accept her?

51:42 – In Zambon it ended up being brand manager. What are the functions of a brand manager

53:37 – What do you think is the key to being successful in the corporate world?

1:03:21 – How I was while working inside Zambon

1:05:21 – Pau is an introverted person and in his childhood he was a very shy child. What is the difference between introvert and shy

1:11:29 – Is it possible to be extroverted and shy?

1:14:41 – What did Pau do to stop being shy?

1:19:12 – After trying all those things to stop being shy, what conclusions did you come to about what works and what doesn’t?

1:23:46 – What would you recommend to shy people who want to change their shyness?

1:30:34 – What are the flirting workshops and how do they work, and how was the experience in your case?

1:34:40 – Shortly after that workshop, he was offered to give his own workshops on a new project and he accepted. How was his experience as a seduction teacher?

1:38:32 – What did they tell you when you told other people what you did?

1:45:25 – In February 2013, he decided to start a blog called “The man who couldn’t love”. Why he decided to start this blog and why he chose this name

1:48:37 – What is the secret to get more when you order a drink

1:51:59 – What happened to the blog of “The man who could not love”

1:53:51 – What are niche pages and affiliation, why did it catch your attention and why, within everything that exists in online marketing, did you choose this business model?

2:02:42 – What were the first niche pages you created

2:06:05 – How many websites did you start with?

2:06:37 – How did it go with your first websites

2:07:30 – How he formed to set up his first websites when he still did not know anything

2:12:26 – Are the first 3 websites you created still working?

2:13:55 – In parallel to the niche pages, he continued working on his blog. How his project evolved as a result of the new knowledge of marketing that he was applying

2:25:55 – From 2013 to 2016, the blog did not generate money for him and he continued to write every month. Because?

2:28:02 – What is the course “Free your charisma”, who is it for and how can it help people who buy it?

2:30:16 – How was your experience creating and selling your first course?

Episode #13 Links

Where to find Pau:

Mentioned in the episode:

Mentioned books:

Mentioned people:

Quick index of episode #13

0:44 – Presentation of the guest

2:18 – Start of the interview

2:18 – Between the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2016, in addition to his work, Pau did many other things. How was he able to find time to do so many things at once?

5:54 – What would you say to those people who say they don’t have time to set up their project because they have a job?

11:21 – Why did you decide to quit your job to dedicate yourself full time to your online projects, and why at that time

2:17 p.m. – How did his boss and his parents take him to leave the company?

4:34 p.m. – Based on your personal experience, what do you think is the right time to leave your job and take the leap: what would you recommend to someone who has a job and has just started an online business and their goal is to make a living from it?

21:47 – How leaving your job affected your life and how you managed the extra time you had

25:57 – At the beginning of 2017, Editorial Planeta called him to offer him to publish a book and Pau said yes. Why did he accept this project even though it is a project that takes a lot of time and gives very little benefit?

32:23 – How was the process of writing the book

33:33 – How you organized to write the book

37:11 How was the book received?

39:28 – Pau has also worked as a teacher in some master’s degrees and in some business schools. Why did he accept this type of work, taking into account that it is not the best way to monetize his time financially?

44:03 – Another of the projects that you have started in recent years is a blog called Una vida online. What is this project about and why did you decide to start it?

46:31 – What things you don’t like exist in the world of online business

52:23 – When following the advice of someone in the online world or buying a course, how can you know if that person is trustworthy?

1:01:47 – Why after six years in the online business world, niche pages are still your favorite business model

1:05:18 – The biggest problem that niche pages have is that you totally depend on the company with which you work for the affiliation and the company that sends you the traffic. How does your business depend almost 100% on a third party and how do you manage it?

1:12:58 – When you start a business, at first, you just want to make money, but at a point, most people want to have a positive impact on the world and do something really worthwhile. Do you feel that sometimes you are wasting your potential writing about tablets and barbecues?

1:16:03 – In these 6 years, Pau has only created 5 or 6 pages in total and some have very few articles, many times less than 10. Why do you think this approach works better?

1:18:24 – Of all the factors that influence a niche page to work, would you say the most important is the content? What should we focus on?

1:21:54 – What is your vision of the market for niche pages. Is it a good idea to start a niche page today or is it too late and the market is already full?

1:24:23 – Although there is competition, do you think that the competition that exists is of low quality?

1:26:44 – How many hours will a person starting now, who has no knowledge, have to work and when can he expect to start earning money?

1:33:11 – Someone starting from scratch on niche pages, where should I start?

1:38:00 – What projects does Pau have in hand right now?

1:41:59 – How is your day to day

1:46:54 – Last year you had your first experience as a digital nomad. How was the experience of combining travel and work?

1:51:37 – How was living with your girlfriend and your work during the trip

1:55:11 – How the iPhone burned

1:59:01 – What have been the 3 books that have marked you the most?

2:04:08 – What are your plans for the coming months?

2:09:28 – When do you launch your course?

2:11:28 – Advice for listeners

2:12:08 – Where to find Pau

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