How to invoice more than 5 million euros helping experts to sell their knowledge, with Sergio Marcús

When you’re passionate about something, if you have 20 hours a day, you could devote 20 hours a day to that passion, I assure you. if you are passionate really, There is not limit.

— Sergio Marcus

Sergio Marcus (@sermarcus) is a specialist in launching infoproducts and digital businesses. He is the co-founder of La Agencia, one of the most important launch agencies in Spain through which he has helped his clients to bill more than 5 million euros in total. And he is also the author of the book “Invoice 6 figures in 7 days”, which he published in the summer of 2020 with Editorial Planeta.

In our conversation, Sergio and I covered his entire career, from his beginnings as a manager to today, which has more than 10 years of experience on the Internet and has launched dozens of digital products, and we talked about topics as interesting as…

  • What was it that led Sergio to abandon his managerial career to dedicate himself full time to online business?
  • How Sergio got a job as a marketing director in a startup… despite having less than 2 years of training and practically zero experience in similar positions
  • What is a launch agency, and how Sergio ended up setting up his own and getting his first client to bill €300,000 with less than €10,000 investment
  • What, according to Sergio, are the keys to creating a winning infoproduct that not only sells well but also improves the lives of students?
  • Or what fundamentals and strategies Sergio believes that must be mastered Yes or yes to be able to dedicate themselves to helping other people to sell their knowledge on the Internet

The truth is that this interview is a true masterclass in the art of creating and selling digital training, and also shows an alternative way to work in the infoproducts sector without the need to have your own website or expose yourself publicly…

But hey, I prefer not to anticipate anything else and let you discover it yourself, so without further ado I leave you with the great Sergio Marcús 🙂

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quick index

0:41 – Presentation of the guest

4:47 – Start of the interview

9:10 Why did you decide to study Industrial Engineering?

10:48 – What did you think of the race? Did it meet your expectations?

15:06 – How he got a position at Endesa as a share manager and what happened to the dream of Formula 1

18:26 – How he transformed his dream of working in Formula 1 to becoming a manager

21:46 – Whyn 2007 he starts a personal blog about Formula 1

26:44 – What is this about Weblogs and why do you leave your personal blog to write for them?

30:40 – How much did they pay you for collaborations with Weblogs

33:02 – How you discover trading

39:33 – What did it bring you and what did you learn from trading and how has it helped you for the rest of your life?

43:54 – How Sergio lives the dismissal of the Catalan Institute of Energy

54:35 – How he gets hired for a marketing management position with barely a year and a half of training and with no more experience than your collaborations with Weblogs

1:04:31 What was your strategy to make yourself known and get consulting clients?

1:06:34 How did you discover the info-products sector and what led you to be interested in it and the enormous opportunity it represents?

1:15:52 What learning or training did you do on releases before Super Day Trading

1:21:10 What is the business model of a launch agency

1:24:56 Did Sergio do the whole pitch alone or did he hire an external team to do it and what was the key for that first pitch to go so well?

1:31:22 There was a puncture or bad experiences with a launch

1:36:51 What happens when Sergio realizes that he already has so much demand that he alone is not able to manage it

1:44:11 – What were the first projects of The Agency and how were they?

1:49:05 – How the company and the team have evolved in these two years

1:50:45 – If someone is interested in working with you, what do they have to do?

1:52:01 – What is the book you wrote about and how is it different from other online business books and why did you decide to write it?

1:57:14 – How has the book been received? Was it worth it?

2:04:24 – In the summer of 2020, you also launch your personal website. Why, after so many years of working in the shadows, do you decide to bet on your personal brand?

2:08:14 – You have launched several of your own online training courses and we wanted to know what they are, what you teach and to whom it is directed

2:20:00 – What are you spending your time on right now: projects, hobbies…

2:23:31 – How is a normal day in the life of Sergio Marcús

2:27:38 – Sergio is happy and satisfied with the life he leads today

2:28:26 – How do you currently see the infoproduct market and where it will evolve?

2:33:40 – You are concerned about the growing number of people dissatisfied with online training

2:38:15 – What are the pros and cons of the different options that exist for infoproducts and which profile might be more interested in each one of them?

2:54:25 – If you decide to partner with experts to create and sell your infoproduct, what is more important to find the best expert and have a top product or choose a good sales strategy and execute it well?

2:57:40 – What profile does the expert have to have to be the perfect partner? Can he be a stranger or does he have to have a powerful personal brand? Is it better that I have the course created or help you design it from scratch?

3:06:27 – Where can we find this type of profile

3:10:03 – And once I find him, how do I convince him to work with me?

3:13:40 – What are the keys to a winning infoproduct

3:19:27 – How do you decide to put one price or another on an info product?

3:22:12 – What are the main strategies to sell on the internet

3:28:12 – Where is the limit in sales techniques

3:34:37 – How do you get potential customers?

3:37:57 – How much money do you recommend investing in a first launch

3:46:12 – There is a lot of difference between the strategy and skills necessary to sell info products and between the strategy and skills to sell another type of product or service

3:48:21 – What are Sergio’s plans for the coming months?

3:50:37 What are the 3 books that have marked a before and after in your life?

3:54:06 Final advice, message or recommendation for listeners

3:56:27 Where to find Sergio

3:56:16 Farewell

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