How to live doing what you like when you like many things, with Pau Ninja

Not everything is black or white, as has been seen in my case.

I like a little bit of multimedia, I like a little bit of marketing… but I would tell them to learn the difference between whether they really have to eat shit to get where they want to go, or whether they are really being lazy and changing because now they don’t feel like doing something.

—Pau Ninja

pau ninja (@pau_ninja) is a bald guy in a cap who lives on passive income while learning and doing a ton of different things.

Pau has never had a single vocation or passion, but many, but despite that he has managed to create a life that allows him to have a good level of income and at the same time explore all those interests, among which are…

  • Travel
  • Learn languages
  • minimalism
  • international taxation
  • Dancing Lindy Hop
  • online business
  • Write
  • Investments
  • The coffee
  • The camper vans

As you can imagine, the interview with Pau was long and complete, because there was a lot to talk about, so I decided to divide it into 2 parts to make it more digestible.

In the first part of the conversation (episode #16), Pau and I about his challenges as a student, his beginnings in the world of SEO, his first months as a digital nomad, his method of learning languages ​​and his blog, and we covered topics as interesting as…

  • Why is Pau called Ninja?
  • What was the moment when Pau realized that he was not as bad a student as he thought?
  • How Pau managed to create a source of passive income that allowed him to spend 7 months in a row without having to work
  • What method does Pau follow to learn any language quickly from scratch?
  • Why Pau left Thailand one day after landing

In the second part (episode #17), Pau and I talk about international taxation, how to legally pay less taxes, minimalism, investments or what to do if you like many different things, and in this case we touch on topics as interesting as…

  • What is the strategy that Pau follows to pay less taxes without breaking the law
  • What does Pau think about passive income and what sources of income he currently has
  • Where does Pau invest his money?
  • Why Pau believes that sometimes being in your comfort zone makes you better
  • What is the role that minimalism plays in Pau’s life?

It is a very varied interview, in which we talk about a lot of different and super interesting topics, so I think you will love it.

But hey, as I always say, the best thing is that you discover it for yourself, so without further ado, I’ll leave you with the great Pau Ninja.

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listen in itunes | iVoox | Spotify

Episode #16 Links

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Quick index of episode #16

0:50– Presentation of the guest

2:35 – Start of the interview

3:04 – How I met Pau

5:03 – Where does the name Pau Ninja come from?

7:28 – Why you don’t mind putting photos of yourself on the internet but you don’t want to put your last name

8:19 – How did he do at school and in high school?

12:12 – Why do you think he got bad grades?

2:02 p.m. – What did your parents tell you when you got bad grades?

15:39 – Why did you decide to do a middle grade module instead of continuing with the institute and why did you choose computer science

18:06 – Why, after finishing the middle grade, did you enroll in a higher grade module instead of going out into the labor market, and why in a Commerce and Marketing module instead of continuing with IT

20:32 – Why did you start working while studying for a higher degree when you didn’t need it and why did you look for a job at Decathlon and not in a computer company, which would have been better paid and would have allowed you to gain experience for the future?

22:36 – When he finished his degree, he went to Canada and enrolled in Marketing at the Distance University. How did she do in Canada and how did she learn English?

25:17 – What was your strategy to learn English?

27:49 – How he combined English with university

29:07 – When you came back from Canada, you dropped out of Marketing and moved to Multimedia. why this change

30:29 – A year later, he changed his career again and started Communication. What happened and what did his parents and his friends say to him for having changed again?

31:48 – How did you do in Communication?

35:53 – Now that time has passed, how do you see the changes you made and what would you do now if you could go back?

37:07 – Advice for listeners who are studying something that does not convince them and do not know whether to change or continue

42:36 – What is SEO and what led you to enter this world

46:04 – What are niche pages and why did this business model catch your attention?

51:37 – How were your beginnings in the niche pages, what was the first website you created and how long did it take you to earn your first euro?

54:01 – When did you realize you could actually make a living from niche pages?

55:47 – How you learned to create your niche pages

59:55 – After leaving the Decathlon, he locked himself up for 9 months to work on his pages. What was that stage of your life like?

1:07:46 – During this time locked up working, he had panic attacks. what happened and what did he do

1:12:56 – In September 2015, his income had already increased enough, so he decided to slow down and go traveling for a while. Why she chose Sweden as her first destination

1:15:41 – Where in Sweden did you go, how did it go and what was your day-to-day like?

1:20:08 – Did the websites give you enough money to live there?

1:21:07 – After Sweden, he went to Romania. Why she chose Romania and how she got there

1:25:14 – What was it that led you to make the decision to shave your head and what was that day like?

1:28:12 – After Romania, your next destination was Croatia. How was this stage in which she focused on working on her psychology and improving her social skills?

1:37:45 – How was your experience giving up drinking and what conclusions did you reach?

1:42:13 – After Croatia, you made several short trips until you decided to buy a ticket to Bangkok. how did it go there

1:47:14 – During the 7 months he lived in Barcelona, ​​his websites gave him income on automatic pilot and he only had to dedicate an hour a day to them. What did he do to make his business work practically alone?

1:51:18 – Taking advantage of the fact that the economic area was covered, in 2017 the challenge of trying 12 hobbies in 12 months was set. Why did you decide to do it, how did it happen and what conclusions did you reach?

1:53:42 – Have you continued to maintain any of these hobbies?

1:54:41 – Anecdotes of the challenge of trying 12 hobbies

1:58:29 – Do we adults dedicate little time to our hobbies? Is it something we should change?

2:04:25 – When did you start to be interested in learning new languages, where did that interest come from and how did it end up becoming one of your biggest hobbies?

2:06:22 – Why the first language you started to learn as a hobby was Swedish and not another one that is used more and what method did you follow to do it?

2:12:10 – What goal is set for yourself when you decide to learn a language: for how long do you study it and to what level of fluency do you reach?

2:15:52 – Do you keep practicing the languages ​​so you don’t forget them?

2:18:18 – What is the method that Pau uses to learn a new language?

2:28:49 – What would you recommend to people who only have half an hour a day and who want to improve their English?

2:34:15 – Another of the hobbies that he tried was writing and this led him to create a blog called Why did he decide to start this project?

2:36:18 – The current blog,, is in Spanish. Why did you open this new version of the blog with another domain and in another language?

2:39:09 – For a long time, the contact form on his website has been closed and, if you want to write to him, you have to pay. Why did you decide to do this and what result has it given you?

2:48:03 – What has having a blog brought you?

2:53:18 – In addition to the blog, you have another project related to writing which is a collection of 12 Kindle books on different topics. Where did this idea come from?

2:57:43 – What process and tools you use to write

Episode #17 Links

Where to find Pau:

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Mentioned books:

Mentioned people:

Quick index of episode #17

0:46– Presentation of the guest

2:27 – Start of the interview

2:27 – How he ended up dating his roommate and how was his experience

6:02 – How was your experience in Finland and what did you do there?

9 o’clock – At what point did you begin to investigate international taxation and what led you to become interested in this topic?

11:25 a.m. – Why did you create a company in Bulgaria, what are the advantages of having a company and operating from that country?

17:58 – What do you think you were wrong in choosing Bulgaria to create your company?

20:10 – Why did you choose Estonia after Bulgaria and what made you think that the same thing as in Bulgaria was not going to happen to you?

22:14 – How was your experience opening the company in Estonia

26:39 – What advantages have you seen from Estonia compared to the other two options you had tried?

29:58 – How does the accounting of the company

31:35 – What are the conditions of having a company in Estonia

33:17 – Is it immoral to do this kind of thing to pay less taxes?

41:08 – How do you pay yourself and what cards or banks do you use?

46:36 – In which cases it makes sense to create a company outside of Spain and what are the requirements to do so legally

57:19 – Resources and specialized tax advisors

1:01:52 – Why did you decide to take a barista course in Italy and a mixology course in Australia?

1:07:33 – What have you been up to in the last few months?

1:18:53 – How is the day to day of Pau

1:09:29 – Are you happy with your current life?

1:12:40 – How can a person who has multiple interests earn a good living and, at the same time, give free rein to his concerns

1:19:33 – What sources of passive income you currently have and how much money each is making you

1:23:28 – What is your opinion on the idea of ​​passive income

1:26:33 – Where would I recommend starting for someone interested in creating their own passive income streams?

1:31:08 – What has been your evolution as an investor and what are you investing in now?

1:36:33 – What role does the minimalist philosophy play in your life and how do you apply it in your daily life?

1:43:29 – Why are there people who read your story for the first time and, instead of being interested, they dedicate themselves to insulting you?

1:49:52 – What impact did appearing on the cover of El País have for him?

1:53:01 – Since when has he been on an almost vegan diet and why did he decide to start following it?

1:55:48 – A few months ago he published a tweet that said: “It’s worth selling an idea indiscriminately. Sometimes being in a comfort zone makes you work/be better.” What do you mean by this and what is your opinion about leaving the comfort zone?

1:58:02 – He posted another tweet in which he says: “There are entire industries based on confusing people. As more fuzzy concepts + technical terms are created, more courses and products can be sold to us. In the end, the results always come from going to the simplest and most basic. That’s where you realize the money and time wasted.” An example of an industry where this occurs

2:01:28 – The 3 books that have marked you the most

2:07:13 – What plans do you have for the coming months?

2:09:07 – Tips and final words for listeners

2:10:28 – Where to find Pau

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