How to live from coaching and lead a life aligned with your values, with David Alonso

Stress is the result of inconsistency in your value system.

When you behave incongruently with your value system, that is, with what is really important to you, and this is maintained over time, in the medium term it generates stress, and in the long term illnesses and even death.

—David Alonso

David Alonso (@soydavidalonsogarcia), is co-founder and director of Coaching x Values.

David is a personal coach, trainer and speaker, and since 2009 he has been dedicated to accompanying other people in their processes of life change.

In the last 11 years, David has accumulated more than 2,000 hours of individual sessions with clients; he has certified more than 1,000 professionals in the Coaching x Values ​​method; and he has given dozens of talks and workshops in Spain and South America that have attended a total of more than 15,000 people.

In this interview, David and I cover his entire career, from his beginnings as a Business Administration student to his current life as a personal coach and director of Coaching x Values, and we talk about topics as interesting as…

  • Why David decided to leave a secure, well-paying job to pursue personal coaching
  • What did David do to go from having no clients as a coach to having a full schedule?
  • What is the “Coaching x Values” method and how did David discover it?
  • Why it is so important to know your values ​​and what is the method that David recommends to identify yours
  • Or what, according to David, are the keys to training and succeeding as a personal coach

I advance you since it is an in-depth interview, which will make you reflect…

But I prefer not to tell you anything else and let you discover it yourself, so without further ado I leave you with the great David Alonso.

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quick index

0:52 – Presentation of the guest

2:11 – Start of the interview

2:15 – How I met David

4:58 – Why in many videos on his YouTube channel David appears with Anne Igartuburu

9:50 – Why did David want to be a teacher when he was little and where did that vocation come from?

11:06 – Why then, when you finished high school, you studied Business Administration and Management

12:47 p.m. – Why did he go to Reus to do the race instead of staying in Barcelona?

2:21 p.m. – How did you like the race?

15:24 – What happened from the 3rd of the race

17:27 – Why shortly before finishing the degree you decide to look for a job as a salesperson

19:06 – How was your job as a mobile phone salesperson at Airtel?

21:54 – Why David loves selling so much

23:02 – What was the reason that once you finished your degree you continued working at Airtel instead of looking for a job related to your studies

25:51 – What did your “crazy” boss teach you and what lessons did you learn from him?

28:47 – Why did you leave your job at Vodafone?

31:25 – What were your duties as sub-delegate of a wholesale steel trading company and did you like that job?

37:41 – What was the reason that David began to have tachycardia and anxiety at that time

44:02 – Why did you turn to a psychologist and not another type of doctor?

46:03 – How about the psychologist and what did he recommend?

48:37 – How group psychological therapy works

50:47 – David explains if the therapy helped him at all

51:41 – What conclusions did you reach after all that time in therapy as to what was the problem you had and its possible solution?

1:01:57 – What is Gestlat therapy

1:04:18 – What did you think of coaching when you discovered it?

1:08:42 – How David defines coaching

1:12:11 – Why you felt it was time to leave your previous job

1:15:19 – What was your plan to get clients as a coach?

1:22:54 – Where did the idea of ​​holding the workshop “Live the life you want” come from and how did it go?

1:29:48 – How did it go with the training you did with Josepe García and what did you learn?

1:34:52 – What were the changes that you implemented from those formations

1:39:00 – Why you decided to start doing free conferences and how it worked for you

1:42:55 – What was the training “Being a personal coach” that David created?

1:48:42 – How did the course go and if you sold many

1:51:09 – What is “The Value of Values” game and why did you fall in love with it?

1:55:49 – What are values ​​and why do they matter?

2:00:58 – How the game of values ​​works and why it identifies values ​​so well

2:12:51– David explains what the triaxial model of values ​​is

2:23:32 – How about the first formations that they began to make so that other coaches knew the game and its potential?

2:28:35 – What they teach in the Coaching Certification x values ​​and how they develop it

2:31:53 – How was the first certification you did in Madrid?

2:34:45 – Why did you decide to stop 1:1 personal coaching sessions and focus on Coaching x values ​​training?

2:39:07 – What happened when Coaching x values ​​began to grow so much and so uncontrollably

2:43:59 – What were the decisions you made to stabilize the company and reorganize

2:45:13 – What were the lessons you learned from that process?

2:48:39 – How Coaching x values ​​has been configured and what products they offer after their transformation process

2:51:56 – What products do they have that are not for coaches or professionals?

2:54:51 – What is a typical day in David’s life like?

2:56:54 –David tells if he is happy with the life he has created

3:00:05 – What is the difference between personal coaching and therapy and in which cases one or the other is used

3:05:48 – What kind of people might be interested in working as a personal coach?

3:09:10 – What other qualities or knowledge should a coach have?

3:10:19 – What does David think is the best way to train as a personal coach?

3:12:59 – David thinks that it is necessary when training as a coach to specialize in some tool

3:16:01 – How long should a coach’s initial training period be and when do you know you are ready to work with clients?

3:21:46 – Once you have trained, where do you find clients and how do you get them to hire you?

3:23:56 – Once you define who your ideal client is, how do you manage to reach them?

3:27:53 – How to do a test session to get hired

3:34:45 – What are the keys to a good coaching session and that the client is satisfied

3:37:21 – How David uses the tool “The value of values” and at what point in the coaching process does he use it

3:40:39 – How can a person apply the “The value of their values” tool to himself

3:42:25 – How much does a personal coach charge?

3:44:05 – In addition to 1:1 sessions, what other sources of income can a coach have?

3:45:34 – How David sees the current coaching market

3:47:41 – Does David recommend dedicating himself to coaching or does he think it is a profession that has no future?

3:38:51 – David explains what training for coaches they offer at Coaching x Values

3:51:05 – It would be possible to do a Coaching x Values ​​certification before having a coach title

3:53:26 – What are David’s plans for the coming months?

3:55:33 – What have been the 3 books that have impacted or changed you the most throughout your life?

3:58:15 – David’s final advice, message or recommendation for listeners

3:59:20 – Where to find Coaching x Values ​​resources

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