How to live from music

Never give up no matter how many times they tell you no and they close the door because if you fully trust what you are selling, it pinches your stomach, intuition tells you that this is how it has to be… someone will give you the opportunity.

Daniel Aragon

Dani Aragon (@dani_aragon) is an expert in music marketing and a person with more than 25 years of experience in the world of radio, where he became deputy director of Los 40 Principales for all of Spain and had the opportunity to rub shoulders with the best national and international artists, organize massive events and travel around the world to attend exclusive presentations of the great record companies.

In 2016, Dani decided to bet on his own project, Musicalizza, and since then he has dedicated himself to helping independent artists and music lovers to make a career and earn a living in this sector.

In our conversation, Dani and I cover his entire career, from his beginnings as a broadcaster to today, who has been running his own business for more than 5 years, and we talk about topics as interesting as…

  • How Dani discovered that he had a natural talent for being a broadcaster
  • What Dani did to get his first job on the radio in his city, and how he made the leap from there to Los 40 Principales
  • What are the keys for Dani that allowed him to become deputy director of Los 40 at a national level with less than 40 years of age?
  • Why Dani decided to leave the radio to start his own project
  • How has the music industry changed in recent years, and what are for Dani the best opportunities that exist today to make a living from music?

Dani’s story is an example of work and perseverance, she is an inspiration, and also, as Dani has many years of radio behind her, she tells everything very well, in a very entertaining way, so I am sure that this interview will help you. going to love it

But hey, I prefer not to anticipate anything else and let you discover it yourself, so without further ado I leave you with the great Dani Aragón.

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quick index

0:50 – Presentation of the guest

3:20 – Start of the interview

3:25 – How I met Dani

6:25 – Where did your passion for athletics come from, what distances did you run and how were you doing?

11:33 – How he discovered his talent to be a broadcaster

15:26 – When did you decide to find a professional outlet for your voiceover talent?

22:55 – How he made the leap from sports locution to the world of music on the radio

32:54 – What does the work of a musical announcer consist of?

36:02 – How do you rate your first months as a presenter for Los 40 Principales

38:50 – Why he left athletics and how he did his studies while working as a broadcaster

41:03 – What was the key for me to get a job as a radio coordinator in Los 40 Principales

44:08 – Why did he reject a position as a presenter in Los 40 Principales de Madrid to return to the radio station in Cádiz

49:00 – What was your long-term career goal in radio management

53:15 – What was your strategy to convince your bosses to accept the projects you proposed

59:20 – The projects you proposed to your bosses that you were proud of

63:15 – Why did it cost you so much to make the transition from Cádiz to Seville when you started working there as a radio director?

1:07:27 – What did you do to get promoted to regional director of all the music radios of the Ser chain in Andalucía, Ceuta and Melilla?

1:10:17 – What was it that caught your attention in the digital world and how did you begin to apply it in the world of radio?

1:15:10 – Why did you create Musicalizza and what did you want to achieve with this project?

1:19:07 – Why did you initially reject a senior management position in the 40 Principales in Madrid?

1:22:59 – How they convinced him to accept the position of assistant director of the 40 Principales

1:24:57 – What Jack Ma said in his speech and why it marked him so much

1:27:53 – Why your fear of public speaking made you about to turn down giving a talk for a Google event

1:32:34 – How was the talk and how was it prepared?

1:34:33 – How was your departure from the 40 Principales and how was the beginning of your personal project

1:39:05 – What was your plan to earn a living with your personal project

1:41:10 – Which artists did you work with when you started your personal project and what results did they achieve?

1:47:56 – Who was your first training program “Lanzamiento unstoppable” aimed at, what it consisted of and how the first launch was

1:50:51 – What was the unmet need in the world of music that you detected

1:55:22 – Who was the first edition of your “Manager Evolution” program addressed to, what it consisted of and how the impromptu launch turned out

2:00:08 – How has “Manager Evolution” evolved and what impact has it had on the music industry?

2:04:35 – Why did you decide to write the book “The new formula for living on music”, who is it for and what counts in it?

2:08:45 – What will your free course consist of and who might be interested in it?

2:17:03 – How do you spend your time each day?

2:18:28 – What projects you have active right now

2:21:31 – What is a normal day in your life like?

2:24:52 – When did you return to live in Cádiz and why?

2:25:50 – Why you are happy and satisfied with the life you have created

2:27:40 – How the music sector has changed and what is the roadmap to create a musical career today

2:38:55 – What are the fans of their favorite musical artists demanding now?

2:44:00 – What are the biggest opportunities that exist today in the music industry

2:51:41 – How the eManager profile fits with all these opportunities

2:53:43 – What type of person might be interested in working as an eManager?

2:57:27 – What are the skills that an eManager must master

3:01:18 – In what ways can an eManager focus his career?

3:11:10 – What is the economic agreement that an eManager reaches with his clients?

3:15:05 – How to identify artists and how to offer them your services

3:18:08 – At what point in an artist’s career is it worthwhile to hire an eManager and how to choose the right one

3:22:14 – What is the mentality that an artist should have and how can an eManager help you in this

3:33:17 – How are the most important artists on a personal level

3:38:46 – What is it that moves great artists to continue doing what they do?

3:41:03 – What advice would you give someone who wants to be a radio host?

3:49:36 – What are your plans for the coming months on a professional and personal level

3:52:32 – What are the 3 books that have marked you the most?

3:55:25 – His 3 musical recommendations

4:00:17 – Your final message

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