How to live without an office, with Bosco Soler

Getting here has been the product of having created many things, because in each creation there was learning.

And when I talk about creation, I don’t just mean business creation, it creates everything: it creates ties with people, it creates content, it creates a product, that is, it creates value.
— Bosco Soler

Bosco (@boscosoler) is an architect, but he has been working remotely for more than 15 years as a freelance web designer, which, combined with his minimalist life philosophy, has allowed him to make multiple trips and visit more than 40 different countries.

In addition, Bosco is the creator of SinOficina, which is the first online coworking in Spain, and which in its barely 3 years of life already has more than 500 paying members and has already exceeded €200,000 in turnover.

In our conversation, Bosco and I cover his entire career, from his beginnings as an architecture student to today, which is an expert in community building and runs a growing online business while traveling across North America, and we talk about interesting topics like…

  • What was it that “saved” Bosco during his university years and prevented him from leaving the degree
  • Why Bosco decided to bet on it freelancing and the online world instead of dedicating himself to architecture, which was what he had studied
  • How Bosco came up with the idea of ​​creating SinOficina, and what marketing strategies he has used to get it to where it is today
  • What does Bosco consider to be the most important thing to start off on the right foot and be successful as a freelancer?
  • What are the tools and methodology that Bosco uses to create, launch and validate the business ideas that come to mind quickly, without investing a lot of money and without the need to know how to program?

Bosco is a person with very defined values ​​and philosophy of life, and who has no problem sharing the mistakes he has made along the way and extracting lessons from them that others can take advantage of… so I am sure that this interview will be for you. love.

But well, I prefer not to anticipate anything else and let you discover it yourself, so without further ado I leave you with the great Bosco Soler 🙂

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quick index

0:48 – Presentation of the guest

2:30 – Start of the interview

4:47 – Why does Bosco like penguins so much?

7:49 Why did you decide to study Architecture and how did you get there?

11:32 How did you do in the race?

1:15 p.m. – Why did he decide to go to Norway on Erasmus and what did this experience mean to him?

18:39 – While Bosco studies, he also works as a freelance. What did the job consist of and how did you come up with this idea?

20:51 – How your professional career evolved as a freelance

23:04 – Why did you decide to take a gap year, despite having finished your degree after 10 years?

26:26 – What do you spend your time on during the trip and how do you pay for it?

31:05 – Why did you decide to create a personal blog and what was your goal?

32:50 – What encouraged you to start and set up your own business?

37:52 – What was it like to win the entrepreneurship program and what did it mean?

46:11 – While you were undertaking and the app did not give you money, what did you live on?

47:06 – What is interactive architecture and why is it proposed to be studied again in this field?

50:18 – Once the internship is over, which path do you choose and why?

56:36 – What does the initial version of Lanzzame consist of and how did the idea come about?

59:11 – How did you promote Lanzzame and what was it like?

1:00:46 – What skills did you need to learn to pivot Lanzzame and what did you have in mind with this new version

1:09:51 – In January 2017, you bought the Sin Oficina domain. Why did you decide to buy it and what did you plan to mount on it?

1:18:34 – What did the new TokuEstudio project consist of and how did it go with you?

1:25:13 – What was the reason why you did not just focus on a single project

1:30:22 – In November 2017, you decided to start working at Sin Oficina. How did you experience it and why did you write to Ángel to mentor you?

1:34:23 – In 2018, you launched the first version of Sin Oficina. What was it like and how was it received?

1:37:13 – 4 months later, you launched the online coworking of Sin Oficina. How did you come up with this idea? what made you think it could work?

1:50:11 – How he implemented the idea of ​​online coworking

1:54:51 – What was the price and what marketing strategy did you use to get those first members

2:08:24 – What sales strategy did you use to achieve €200,000 in turnover in 3 years and how has the product evolved in this time?

2:21:28 – Who make up the Sin Oficina team today

2:27:20 – You are currently traveling around the US. When did you start? where do you plan to go?

2:30:45 – You wrote a tweet that went viral and turned out to be very controversial. How did you experience all this? What conclusions can you draw from all the comments?

2:40:12 – What projects is Bosco currently focused on?

2:47:25 – What is a normal day in the life of Bosco like?

2:53:26 – You are happy and satisfied with the life you currently lead

2:57:21 – What are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of “living without an office”

3:03:29 – Is this “living without an office” for everyone, or only for a certain type of people?

3:08:07 – What are the main career pathways or paths that will allow me to “live without an office”, and what advantages and disadvantages they have over each other

3:14:54 – If a listener is encouraged to be a freelance, how can he identify what online service or services to offer?

3:22:20 – When do you know that you are ready to start charging for your services?

3:25:29 – Is it necessary to have a certain experience and professional career to work as a freelance or is knowing how to do it enough?

3:34:07 – How do I set a fair price for my services? What should I consider?

3:39:25 – What strategy does Bosco recommend to get the first clients as a freelancer?

3:47:14 – What options are there to continue growing and reach more people, once your business is already on track

3:53:35 – What are the types of one-person online businesses that are working best today

4:01:05 – What are the tools? no code? Is it possible to create a web application without knowing anything about programming?

4:10:27 – What methodology did Bosco follow to launch his projects?

4:26:06 – Can a one-person business scale without losing its soul?

4:31:25 – Why should someone who works as a freelancer or has a small online business join Sin Oficina? What will you find within the community and how will it help you?

4:35:18 – What are your plans for the coming months, both personally and professionally?

4:42:05 – What are the 3 books that have marked a before and after in your life?

4:49:17 – Advice, message or final recommendation for listeners

4:54:41 – Where to find Bosco

4:06:55 – Farewell

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