How to live writing without publishing any book, with Javi Pastor

My opinion is that if something does not work normally, it is because it is not going to work in the long term. You have a ball inside that is telling you “no, no, no, no” and you say “no, stay there, ball, wait”. The ball gets bigger, and suddenly one day it explodes and when you realize it you are 32, 33, 34, 50 years old… And you say: “gosh, I’ve been here for 30 years doing the mongue”, you know? Well, I prefer to think that at 18 years old, really.

—Javi Pastor

Javi Pastor (@jpastorre) is one of the most well-known and respected copywriters in Spain. He has participated in several launches of 6-figure digital products, in the first launch of more than 1 million euros in the Hispanic market, and has trained hundreds of people who now make a living from writing as copywriters.

In this episode, Javi and I talk about his career, from his beginnings in Computer Engineering and his first failed job searches, to his current life as a reference in the world of copywriting, and we also talk about the profession of copy and how to dedicate himself to it. it successfully.

As you can see, Javi is from Cádiz and he is a very funny guy, so the interview is full of jokes, but between laughs we cover such interesting topics as:

  • Javi’s beginnings as an entrepreneur in the world of betting
  • The keys for companies to notice you and find a good job
  • What to do if a client asks you for something for which you have no experience
  • How to position yourself as an expert in any niche
  • Why building genuine relationships is critical to professional success
  • The most important skills you have to develop to be a good copy
  • The price that Javi has had to pay to get to where he has come

In addition, I have convinced Javi to offer something special for all listeners who would like to be copywriters, so if at any time you have considered the possibility of writing for a living or if you are simply curious, I invite you to notes to the free online class that we have prepared for you:

(Free online class) How to get clients and build your own business to live from writing (even if you don’t even know what copywriting is)

In this masterclass, Javi will explain what copy is, how to use his writing system to write any sales copy and how to get clients, and will give you all the details about his premium Adopt a Copywriter program (now called I’m a Copywriter). .

That’s all I wanted to tell you!

Without further delay, I leave you with the great Javi Pastor.

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quick index

0:52 – Presentation of the guest

3:38 – Start of the interview

3:56 – How being from Cádiz is a follower of Celta de Vigo

6:22 – His beginnings in the business world were in the world of betting; There came a time when there were people who paid him every month to be able to see what he was betting on and copy his bets.

9:07 – Why did he study computer engineering?

11:03 – How he came to the conclusion that he had the wrong career and how his parents took it

12:51 – Changing majors is not very well seen in Spain, which is why some students continue even when they believe they have made a mistake. What is your opinion about it?

3:45 p.m. – What made you enroll in Business

17:16 – How did you do in Business

18:39 – Why he changed majors again to study Advertising and public relations

20:14 – What did Startup Weekend consist of and what did it bring you on a personal and professional level?

25:55 – What strategy did you follow after graduation to get a job and what did you learn from that experience?

28:02 – Why did you decide to cancel your enrollment in a master’s degree?

29:52 – How he changed his strategy to find a job and went from not being answered by anyone to having several interviews

32:53 – Why do you think that the second job search strategy did work and the first did not, despite containing the same information?

34:38 What would you recommend to someone looking for a job?

37:15 – When and how did you develop the ability to create web pages?

41:11 – With your new strategy, several companies called you to do interviews with your new strategy. Why he decided to return to Cádiz and try to set up his business from home.

45:20 – What is the difference between people who see the example of someone who has done something different and say “if he could, so can I”, and those who make excuses to justify why they can’t do it

48:28 – What did you do when you decided to start your own company?

51:44 – What goals did you set yourself with your blog and what commitments did you make to yourself to achieve them?

54:56 – Why did you accept a job that was not yours and that was not well paid

58:06 – What is the difference between writing and copywriting

1:01:10 – What did you do to get your first job as a copywriter without having any experience on the subject?

1:03:21 – What impact did his first important commission have on him and on his career as a copy

1:06:05 How did you learn to write well?

1:09:24 – After getting his first client, he received an offer to work from 9 to 3, which was compatible with his business project. Why, even though it seemed like the perfect job, she said no.

1:11:38 – After this offer, another one came from Ayuda-T Pymes. Why she said yes to this one.

1:14:04 – In this job you did many new things with a lot of responsibility. How did he manage fear?

1:17:34 – Why Franck Scipion contacted you directly to ask you to participate in his selection process for a position of “editorial ninja” and why Javi decided to accept and return to work for someone else.

1:20:17 – How you came to suffer from burnout, how you lived through it and what measures you took to recover so that it did not happen again

1:26:02 – What is the key to position yourself as an expert in something in people’s minds

1:30:24 – If you had to position yourself from 0 in another sector, what strategy would you follow?

1:34:31 – One of his first projects was trying to sell his parents’ house through copywriting. What did that experiment consist of and what happened?

1:38:33 – What is your program Adopta un copywiter and why did you decide to create it?

1:40:54 – What has been the evolution of Adopt a copywriter from its first version until now?

1:47:06 – How is your life today, your day to day

1:50:55 – How are your parents doing?

1:53:28 – Recommendations for someone just out of college or wanting to start their own business

1:57:19 – How important is it to be good at what you do versus knowing how to sell yourself well?

2:00:57 – How important are personal relationships for you to do well professionally and what is the key to creating authentic relationships

2:05:51 – What has been the price you have paid to be where you are today?

2:08:08 – What are the tasks that a copywriter performs in their day to day

2:13:10 – How much of copywriting is research

2:15:43 – What makes a copywriter a good copywriter

2:17:10 – What book do you recommend to improve the two key skills to be a good copywriter?

2:20:34 – How to get clients when nobody knows you

2:22:47 – How much does a copywriter earn?

2:23:54 – How is the copywriting market: is it saturated or just getting started?

2:27:09 – Is it possible to become a copywriter if you don’t have any writing experience?

2:30:50 – Exclusive training offer only for listeners of A life to your measure

2:34:44 – Farewell

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