How to make a living from your online store, with Eric Valladares

Whatever you do, always think about how it will help other people, even if they are small details.

Each strategy that you carry out, each detail if it is designed to help the buyer, will inevitably translate into more sales.

—Eric Valladares

Eric Valladares (@eric_v_s) is an expert in e-commerce and dropshipping, he has been living from his online stores for several years, and has helped hundreds of people to achieve the same through his Ecomkers course: the first training in Spanish officially approved by Shopify and certified as Shopify Education Partner.

In this interview, Eric and I cover his entire career, from his beginnings as an architecture student to today, as a successful digital entrepreneur, and we talk about interesting topics such as…

  • How a series of coincidences caused Eric to end up being the owner of a Chinese restaurant for almost a year
  • What was the mistake that Eric made in his early days as an online entrepreneur that made all his projects fail
  • What prompted Eric to leave an already running business with great potential to pursue e-commerce full time?
  • Why dropshipping is not an illegal business model or a scam and why it has such a bad reputation today
  • How the coronavirus pandemic has affected the different stores that Eric manages

In addition, I inform you that Eric has a free training in which he explains step by step how to create an online store that works without the need to manage stock or make large investments.

So if you like the world of e-commerce and have ever considered the possibility of setting up your own online store and making a living from it, I encourage you to go to and take a look at this training.

I think you’ll love the interview with Eric, because his story is super inspiring, and an example that with hard work and perseverance dreams can come true.

So without further ado I leave you with the great Eric Valladares.

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0:46 – Presentation of the guest

2:29 – Start of the interview

2:36 – How I Met Eric

6:28 – Why does Eric like popcorn so much?

8:53 – What is the secret to making delicious popcorn at home

10:33 – Why did Eric drop out of high school if he was not a bad student and what did his parents tell him?

12:30 p.m. – Why you enrolled in an average module of Computer Systems Exploitation and if you liked it or not

2:34 p.m. – Why later he entered a higher draftsman module instead of continuing with a computer science one as would have been logical

4:25 p.m. – What does Eric think now about that change he made from computing to architecture and if it was hard

18:01 – What effect did a teacher you had in your architecture career have on you and your studies?

21:29 – What impact did the book Rich Dad Poor Dad have on your life and what did you think of it?

23:23 – Why Eric ended up as a partner in a Chinese restaurant the year he started his third year of architecture

27:22 – How much did he have to invest and where did he get the money to enter the restaurant?

28:31 – What unexpected event occurred on the opening day of the restaurant and what did Eric do

34:20 – How were those months of learning to manage a Chinese restaurant

36:03 – What happened with the architecture career and if I continue with it or not

37:45 – Why once you learn to run the restaurant and start making a profit, you decide to leave it

40:20 – How do you now value that stage of your life, what did you learn and how do you think it changed you as a person?

50:16 – How Eric considered his future at that time at the age of 26, halfway through his career and with financial debts

53:09 – What interesting things did you discover by searching the Internet for business alternatives?

57:53 – How did it go with your first online project that was an affiliation website

1:00:37 – Why as a second project you decide to create a personal blog and what was your goal with that blog

1:03:54 – What was your third project,, and where did it come from?

1:08:00 – What are Eric’s recommendations for creating a good resume?

1:10:30 – What happened with his fourth online project:

1:17:20 – What was the reason that Eric did not throw in the towel despite so many failed attempts with his businesses

1:24:58 – What did you discover by reading Russel Brunson’s book Dotcom Secrets that made you understand why your projects were failing?

1:30:11 – Why when you decide to train in traffic and begin to experiment how to apply it, you do it with a physical product instead of a digital one and what were the results?

1:35:47 – How do you plan your new traffic agency project once you know about sales and advertising funnels and how did it work for you this time?

1:39:33 – Why when it seems that your new business is working, you leave it to focus on training

1:42:49 – What is dropshipping?

1:44:21 – What was the challenge that they proposed to you in the new course you are doing and why did you decide to bet 100% on the world of e-commerce and leave the agency you were starting up?

1:49:12 – How did he do with the challenge and if he managed to win the car

1:59:53 – What memories do you have of the trip to Japan that you made as a reward for all your years of effort?

2:03:49 – What was the idea that occurred to you on the return trip from Tokyo

2:07:36 – Who do you choose to be a guinea pig to teach you how to make an online store?

2:10:09 – What does your Ecomkers course consist of?

2:14:38 – What did you do to sell your Ecomkers course?

2:22:00 – What is a Shopify Education Partner and why was it important to Eric?

2:26:26 – Why in 2019 the objectives were to create 4 online stores, 4 new formations and write a book and if he achieved it or not

2:32:15 – Where did the idea of ​​creating your Affiliatekers training come from?

2:38:58 – How Eric’s affiliate model differs from other models such as niche pages

2:45:57 – Why Eric doesn’t think his affiliate model is a Ponzi scheme

2:50:27 – How the coronavirus has affected Eric’s business

2:56:21 – What does Eric currently do and what businesses and projects he has underway

3:01:42 – What a typical day in Eric’s life looks like

3:07:28 – Eric explains if he is happy with the life he leads and that he has created

3:10:00 – Why dropshipping is Eric’s favorite e-commerce model and what advantages it has over other models

3:19:49 – Eric explains why dropshipping is not a scam or an illegal business model

3:28:43 – What value does a dropshipping store bring to a customer compared to buying directly on Aliexpress or a similar platform?

3:34:29 – How customers of an online store take the fact that the products they buy have longer shipping times than Amazon’s

3:38:20 – Eric explains whether or not it is possible to dropship with non-China suppliers

3:42:41 – Where to find suppliers that do dropshipping and what to look for to select them

3:47:10 – How the price of the products is calculated so that they leave us benefits

3:49:36 – How Shopify works and what are the keys to creating a store that works in terms of design and structure

3:53:33 – What is the best strategy for an online store: generalist or specialized

3:56:10 – How to attract customers to your online store

4:03:13 – What is the cycle of a dropshipping store in general?

4:07:03 – Who is Eric’s Ecomkers course for and what improvements does the latest version have?

4:12:56 – What can someone who signs up for Eric’s course and opens his online store expect in terms of investment, earnings and time

4:20:57 – How to access Eric’s free resources

4:23:13 – What are Eric’s future plans?

4:24:55 – What are the books that have marked a before and after in Eric’s life?

4:29:51 – Eric’s recommendation to avoid shiny object syndrome

4:34:37 – Final recommendation or advice for listeners

4:36:20 – Where to find Eric

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