How to make a living selling handmade products on Etsy, with Mireia Solsona

Look around you at all the people who have already achieved it, try to have this positive mentality. Simply thinking that I have a lot of passion, a lot of enthusiasm and that I will find the way, the universe gives you exactly what you need at all times.

And many times you see it as a real wall, like a real barrier, but if you manage to be resistant and keep going there are a lot of rewards behind each step.

— Mireia Solsona

Mireia Solsona (@mimetikbcn) is the creator of Mimètik Bcn: a brand of bohemian, rustic and handmade wedding dresses.

In recent years, Mireia has billed more than one million euros with her designs; she has become one of the most successful Spanish sellers on Etsy, the world’s largest platform for buying and selling handmade products; and has launched Etsy Lovers, a blog with thousands of subscribers where she teaches other creators like her how to sell her products on Etsy.

In this episode, Mireia and I talk about the path she’s taken to get to where she is today, about her blog and why she started it, and how to be successful selling your products on Etsy, covering topics as interesting as…

  • Where does Mireia’s love for design and handmade products come from?
  • What was the lesson Mireia learned by selling her own jewelry at a summer market?
  • Why Mireia left a growing company to dedicate herself exclusively to selling on Etsy
  • What made Mimètik – Mireia’s clothing brand – take off
  • Or what has been Mireia’s experience selling on other online platforms such as Amazon Handmade

Also, I have convinced Mireia to offer something special to all listeners who want to learn how to sell their products on Etsy.

So if you design or produce any type of craft product (clothing, jewelry, toys, furniture… or even illustrations or posters in digital format) and you would like to make a living from it or earn extra money, I invite you to take a look at the free masterclass created by Mireia:

“How to get hundreds of sales on Etsy…without having a lot of traffic”

In this webinar, which will be live, Mireia will explain her 3-step method to attract customers on Etsy, and she will also present the 4th edition of her E-School program, which will start very soon.

In case you can’t make it to the live masterclass or you’re listening to this episode a few weeks after the release date and it’s already over, don’t worry. Enter the training page (, sign up anyway and we’ll send you a link to the replay 🙂

And that’s all I wanted to tell you!

Without further ado, I’ll leave you with the great Mireia Solsona.

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quick index

0:55 – Presentation of the guest

3:16 – Start of the interview

3:20 – How I met Mireia

5:04 – How Mireia ended up playing a human statue in London

10:42 Why did you study architecture?

16:27 – Where does the hobby of creating your own jewelry and costume jewelery come from?

18:44 – Why the first summer market you went to sell your products did not go well

24:01 – How did that experience affect you and if you fell apart

27:38 – How Mireia organized herself to study architecture, make her handmade products, receive dance classes and give ballet classes to girls

29:36 – Why did you look for a conventional job at the end of your degree instead of launching your personal project?

32:29 – Where does the name of your brand Mimètik Bcn come from?

35:34 – How did it go when you started selling in markets for young designers?

38:31 – The reason why you stopped making jewelry and decided to focus on creating clothes

40:08 – Why did you decide to launch your project in the middle of the economic crisis?

43:56 – How did it work for you to sell your products through third parties?

49:16 – What is Etsy and how did you discover it?

52:37 – What were the first products you uploaded to your Etsy shop

54:30 – Where did the idea of ​​creating your first wedding dress come from?

58:20 – What was the entrepreneurship program you carried out?

1:00:39 – How a meeting with a financial advisor opened her eyes to her business

1:04:03 – What did you do to learn how to sell on Etsy?

1:06:38 – Mireia explains what SEO is

1:08:50 – The improvements you achieved on Etsy as a result of self-taught training

1:11:57 – What did your project for a fashion production company Capipota Productions consist of?

1:14:35 – What kind of products did they sell and how did the Coshops work?

1:17:00 – What was the role of Mireia in Capipota Productions

1:18:00 – The most important learning he had in those years

1:21:05 – Why did he leave Capipota Productions if it worked so well

1:24:34 – How are your sales on Etsy evolving at that time?

1:27:21 – Why did you decide to focus on wedding dress design?

1:29:32 – How Mireia managed her clothing brand from a coworking

1:30:56 – How many people did you have on your team?

1:31:42 – How did you know that your wedding dress collection was attracting clients?

1:36:44 – How he organized himself with his team to get all the workload done

1:39:12 – The advice a Swedish intern gave her that changed her business

1:44:45 – What advice would Mireia from 2015 give you now who did not know how to delegate?

1:47:36 – What do you decide to do when your clients start wanting to come to Barcelona to try on their wedding dresses?

1:54:04 – How many people did Mireia have on her team when she set up her atelier?

1:58:42 – How your maternity leave affected your business

2:01:19 – Mireia tells the evolution of Mimètik Bcn in the last 3 years

2:03:40 – When and why did you launch your Etsy Lovers blog?

2:08:46 – How was your blog accepted?

2:10:13 – Why Etsy selected her as a mentor for their Etsy Resolution program

2:13:40 – How much did they cost and how was their first paid masterclasses received?

2:17:24 – Where did he find time to manage the business, the blog, the masterclasses and the clients, also having a 6-month-old baby?

2:22:00 – What is E-school and what profiles is it aimed at?

2:28:22 – How was the first launch of E-School?

2:31:15 – Which person profiles does Mireia recommend selling on Etsy and which ones she does not

2:35:28 – In Mireia’s opinion, which are the most successful products on Etsy and which ones do you recommend not selling?

2:38:44 – How much does it cost to sell on Etsy, what commissions are there

2:43:07 – What are the advantages of Etsy compared to other marketplaces of handmade products

2:47:11 – What to consider when opening a store on Etsy

2:49:25 – How to discover who your ideal client is

2:53:30 – What are the keys to get good photos of your products

2:57:48 – In what language should we put our Etsy shop

3:00:04 – What to do to attract customers on Etsy

3:07:24 – How long do you have to wait to see results and earn money on Etsy?

3:09:45 – How tax returns work on Etsy

3:13:28 – About the exclusive webinar that Mireia and Ángel have organized to learn the 3 secrets to selling on Etsy

3:17:55 – Mireia summarizes her current projects

3:19:53 – How it is organized and what a normal day in the life of Mireia is like

3:24:30 – Are you happy with the life you have created?

3:24:54 The 3 books that have marked you the most

3:27:34 – What plans do you have for the coming months?

3:28:42 – Tips and final words for listeners

3:30:13 – Where to find Mireia

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