How to overcome anxiety – A life to your measure (episode 50)

Everything good is behind fear, we have to go for this fear. It does not mean not being afraid, because you will always be afraid of things, it is impossible not to be afraid, but when you are afraid say: this scares me, I have to go for it.

Ferran Cases

Ferran began to suffer from anxiety from a very young age, when he was in high school, and this led him to dedicate several years of his life to researching this pathology and training in different disciplines with the sole objective of finding a solution to his problem.

Luckily, Ferran managed to find the solution he was looking for, he managed to overcome his anxiety… and now he is dedicated to helping others to do the same through his books, talks and courses in which he also has the support of a multidisciplinary team. formed by psychologists, psychiatrists, neuroscientists and other professionals.

In our conversation, Ferran and I cover his entire career, from his first scares with anxiety to today, who is the author of four books, a speaker and businessman and who has been without symptoms for many years, and we talk about topics as interesting as:

  • Why during a large part of his life Ferran preferred not to tell anyone that he had anxiety and to suffer it in silence
  • What did Ferran try to try to overcome his anxiety and what worked best for him?
  • What made Ferran start sharing his story and what he had learned about anxiety with other people, and how he ended up doing it professionally
  • How Ferran recommends acting if you think you have anxiety to diagnose it correctly and deal with it
  • Why Ferran believes that anxiety does not have to be something negative, but can be an opportunity to go deeper into yourself and be happier

Ferran’s personal story is super inspiring, and everything he tells during our conversation seems very interesting and very important to life, so whether you have felt anxiety at some point or not, I think this is an interview that deserves the worth listening.

But hey, I prefer not to anticipate anything else and let you discover it yourself, so without further ado I leave you with the great Ferran Cases.

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quick index

0:46 – Presentation of the guest

2:37 – Start of the interview

4:34 – When and why did you become interested in animation and comics?

9:06 – What are your favorite comics and animation series

11:49 – What happened to you when you were in high school that caused you to have the first symptoms of anxiety

16:58 – Why did you decide to keep quiet and not say that you still had anxiety symptoms?

19:56 – What caused your anxiety to increase and what happened to you

24:11 – What is paresthesia due to anxiety?

30:46 – What happened when you were first given medication to treat anxiety

49:16 – Why did he leave the production company and decide to return to his parents’ house to focus on studying Chinese medicine?

56:34 – Why did you decide to work as a Chi Kung teacher and how did it go?

1:04:37 – What is Chi Kung

1:06:46 – At what point did you go from feeling like you were just a teacher to seeing that you actually had a business with a lot of potential?

1:12:26 – How did you organize your workshops on anxiety?

1:20:16 – How was the process of writing and publishing your first book

1:36:46 – Where is your business currently?

1:41:25 – Do you have the authority to speak as an expert on anxiety?

1:50:16 – What tasks are you currently in charge of in your company?

1:53:46 – How is a normal day in the life of Ferran

2:00:46 – Do you feel that you have managed to create a life that suits you?

2:03:46 – How do you define anxiety?

2:05:16 – What is the relationship between anxiety with panic attacks and burnout

2:06:51 – Why some people have anxiety and others do not

2:12:51 – How anxiety usually appears

2:18:56 – What kind of people usually sign up for your courses on anxiety

2:19:16 – What are the most common symptoms of anxiety?

2:22:31 – How to make sure that you are suffering from anxiety and that it is not something else

2:24:46 – Where to start to keep the main symptoms of anxiety at bay

2:36:16 – How long it usually takes from when you start doing work to reduce anxiety until the symptoms start to disappear

2:41:34 – Is it advisable to take medication for anxiety?

2:44:56 – Is it advisable to do acupuncture to treat anxiety?

2:46:26 – How to change the way you see the world to prevent anxiety from reappearing

3:08:11 – How to know when you have made the necessary chip change to stop being anxious

3:10:56 How can you help a person suffering from anxiety?

3:14:16 – How to educate children to prevent them from suffering from anxiety

3:16:11 – Some recommendations so that entrepreneurs do not suffer from anxiety

3:21:21 – Ferran’s explanation of this phrase: “anxiety is an opportunity that life gives you to go deeper into yourself and be happy”

3:24:56 – The three books that Ferran recommends

3:27:16 – Ferran’s last recommendation

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