How to prevent your mind from ending your life, with Marina Díaz

The most important and most common mistake is to think that to make a decision you have to feel absolute certainty about the result.

Whatever decision you make, be clear that you are going to make it with uncertainty, without being sure that it is the correct one, and finally, with doubts in your head because that is how it works.

—Marina Diaz

Marina Diaz She is the founder of Psicosurvivencia.

Marina is a clinical psychologist and has a master’s degree in contextual therapies and mindfulness; she is the creator of Rewrite yourself, Transform your mornings, Action 360º and Bullet Journal Power, 4 courses that aim to help you put your mind on your side and take action; and she is also the author of the fictional novel “The art of meeting by chance”.

Also, Marina is one of the first people I met in this wonderful world of the Internet and one of the people who helped me the most during the months leading up to the launch of Vivir al Máximo, so I am very happy to have her here today.

In this interview, Marina and I cover her entire career, from her beginnings as a journalism student to her current life as a successful psychologist, writer, and businesswoman, and we talk about topics as interesting as…

  • What is the strategy that Marina followed to prepare for the Resident Internal Psychologist exam, better known as PIR, and pass it in just 7 months and with good grades?
  • How Marina “bundled” her therapy sessions and managed to charge more than double the average of her fellow psychologists
  • What made Marina go from not wanting to have children to getting pregnant voluntarily and being delighted with her baby
  • What was the change that Marina made in her business that caused the sales of her courses to skyrocket?
  • Or what is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, of which Marina is the #1 fan, and what Marina recommends to deal with common problems such as anxiety, insomnia or procrastination

This is one of the interviews that I have enjoyed recording the most, and also Marina is a fantastic guest, who brings a lot of value and communicates phenomenally, so I’m sure you’ll love it 😊

But hey, as I always say, I think the best thing is that nothing else is ahead of you and that you discover it yourself, so without further ado I leave you with the great Marina Díaz.

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0:50 – Presentation of the guest

2:30 – Start of the interview

2:35 – How I met Marina

7:41 – It is true that when she was little Marina was obsessed with having a twin

9:50 – Where does Marina’s love for writing come from?

12:50 p.m. – What does writing have to enjoy it so much?

18:38 – Why did you choose to study journalism in Barcelona instead of Malaga and how did it go?

27:04 – Why after leaving journalism she thought psychology was the right career for her and how did it go?

31:02 – Why you called your first blog “More about Mondays” and why you decided to start it

32:59 – About what he wrote on the blog in the early years and what was his secret to being so consistent and writing an average of more than 100 posts per year

36:40 – What good things has her blog brought Marina and what has it brought her over the years?

38:39 – What is Vipassana meditation and how do the retreats that teach this technique work?

41:53 – What was it that led Marina to sign up for one of these 10-day retreats and what was her experience like?

47:42 –Marina tells if she continues to meditate today

49:17 – What does Marina recommend for someone who wants to start meditating?

51:40 – Why at the end of the degree it was clear to me that I wanted to be a clinical psychologist and set up something of my own and why, nevertheless, I ended up preparing for an exam to work in public health

55:31 – How he managed to pass the PIR exam in just 7 months and with such a good grade

58:24 – Advice for someone who is preparing for an option or an important exam

1:02:11 – How was your first experience working with real patients?

1:05:28 – How Marina discovers climbing and why she likes it so much

1:08:36 – Why did you decide to start “Psychosurvival”, your next blog and project

1:09:50 – How do you start to create an audience and give importance to the mailing list?

1:14:43 – Why did she travel alone through the United States and how was the experience?

1:18:05 – How he met his partner and father of his daughter

1:22:54 – Why when you finish the rotations of the PIR it is clear that you do not want to work in public health

1:24:21 – What was the reason you went to live in a remote town of 94 inhabitants

1:25:48 – How about the experience of living in such an isolated place in the middle of nature?

1:26:39 – Where did the idea of ​​writing a novel come from and what is yours about?

1:28:21 – What is mailtherapy And where did that idea come from?

1:32:08 – What was your first online course Rewrite yourself and how did you come up with it?

1:36:19 – Why after 2 years in Margalef you decide to return to Granada

1:38:20 – What was the reason for closing mailtherapy and go on to make virtual consultations by videoconference

1:40:28 – How it worked and how much the consultation by videoconference cost

1:45:33 – How was your novel “The art of meeting by chance” received when you published it and what is it about?

1:47:50 – What opinion does she have as a writer of her own novel?

1:48:52 – What are the mistakes you made when writing that first novel and what advice would you give now to that Marina who had never written a book before?

1:54:10 – What happened so that Marina, who was an advocate of not having children, ended up being a mother

1:57:59 – How he convinced his partner to be parents if he didn’t want to have children in principle either

1:59:58 – How Marina’s life changed with the arrival of her daughter Alana

2:04:16 – Marina’s recommendations on time management for entrepreneurial fathers and mothers

2:07:26 – Marina tells if she is happy or not with the decision she made to be a mother

2:11:11 – What does Marina think that must be taken into account when evaluating whether or not to have children?

2:14:41 – What Marina thought when she discovered that her patients obtained better results with fewer sessions

2:17:27 – What did they consist of? therapeutic tardis, the new modality of consultation that he took out as a result of the birth of his daughter

2:21:23 – How well did they work and did patients get better results?

2:24:11 – Where did the idea of ​​creating your Acción 360º course come from and why did you think this product was necessary?

2:27:02 – How Acción 360º differs from all the material that exists on the Internet about productivity

2:30:03 – How was the course received in its last two editions and if the students really became doers

2:33:32 – What is the change that Marina made to boost the sales of her courses and to be able to stop selling services

2:37:59 – Marina explains her email marketing strategy and why her readers don’t get mad because she emails them every day

2:43:48 – Where do you get the ideas to send your readers an email every day?

2:49:13 – How long does it take you to write those emails and if you respond to all the people who reply to it

2:51:47 – In which cases and businesses does Marina recommend using the same email marketing strategy and how to learn it

2:58:48 – How is a normal day in the life of Marina

3:03:45 – Marina explains if she is happy with the life she has created

3:04:22 – What is ACT, how is it different from other therapies and why is it Marina’s favorite methodology

3:12:46 – What is anxiety and how did Marina learn to manage it?

3:21:59 – For what reason Marina decided to leave social networks

3:25:25 – What have you learned after more than 2 years without social media and how do you think it has affected your life?

3:28:57 – What advice would you give someone who is thinking about closing their social media accounts?

3:31:02 – How do you recommend managing the issue of external comparisons that we make of ourselves with other people both on social networks and outside of them?

3:38:04 – Tips from Marina to feel satisfied with yourself

3:43:18 – What are the most common blocks when making difficult decisions and how to avoid them

3:47:05 – How Marina recommends deciding what career to study

3:49:47 – How can we know if it is convenient for us to undertake and start our own business

3:53:39 – When moving, how do you know if you are going to be better off in a town or city you have never been to before?

3:57:39 – Marina Tips for insomnia

4:05:44 – Why, in Marina’s opinion, do we procrastinate and don’t do what we want to do?

4:09:59 – Marina explains what the free Manifesto “The harsh reality about the future of your dreams” consists of.

4:14:29 – What does the Marina Bullet Journal Power course consist of?

4:15:51 – What future plans does Marina have?

4:20:02 – What are the 3 books that have marked a before and after in your life?

4:22:47 – Advice, message or final recommendation to listeners

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