How to reconcile professional ambition with a large family — Isabel Anthony (ep. 40) How to reconcile professional ambition with a large family, with Isabel Anthony

If in your life you have been constantly doing those things that conform to the status quo and what others believe to be the right thing to do, you are probably not living your own life. You are living the life that someone else, or other people, have thought for you.

—Isabel Anthony

Elizabeth Anthony (@isa_planetaparto) is the co-founder of VentaMAX, a training company through which she has been helping freelancers and small businesses to lose their fear of selling and to sell with values ​​for more than 10 years; and she is also the creator of Planeta Parto, a project that aims to help other women have a respectful, safe and fearless birth.

In addition, Isabel has a degree in medicine, and has 3 lovely children that she has been able to raise and educate while running her business… without going crazy or giving up her personal life.

In our conversation, Isabel and I cover her entire career, from her beginnings as a medical student to today, when she is an entrepreneur and mother of a large family, and we talk about topics as interesting as…

  • Why a free conference that Isabel attended in her 2nd year changed her life forever
  • What were the reasons that led Isabel to make the decision to stop practicing as a doctor to dedicate herself to something totally different?
  • What mistakes Isabel made in her business that almost led her to bankruptcy… and how she managed to turn the situation around
  • What is Isabel’s parenting philosophy and what is the poetry that best sums it up?
  • Or how Isabel organizes herself to be able to attend to her business, take care of her 3 children and spend time with her husband every week

This is the first time that I have spoken in depth with a guest about two topics as important as parenting and conciliation, and about how to be a mother or a father without giving up leading a life that suits you, so if you have children -or have thought about having them– I think you will love this interview.

But hey, I prefer not to anticipate anything else and let you discover it yourself, so without further ado I leave you with the great Isabel Anthony.

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1:10 – Presentation of the guest

1:27 – Start of the interview

3:33 – How I met Elizabeth

5:56 – What did he do in the nursery so that they would never dare to give lentils again?

7:47 Why did you decide to study medicine?

9:57 – In second year of medicine he attended a talk that changed his plans. what happened in that chat

11:32 – How her parents took her to decide to go to Calcutta alone

1:20 p.m. – How he managed to meet the conditions of his parents to be able to go to Calculate

15:06 – What were your first impressions of India?

18:50 – How about your experience working as a volunteer in the Calcutta hospital?

21:32 – Who did you meet in Nepal and how did you meet?

27:00 – What was it that caught your attention about Aharale?

26:59 – How was the experience of bungee jumping

31:20 – What he talked about with Aharale when they met again

36:02 – How about your trip with Aharale to Nagarkot

37:13 – Who is Aharale and what was he doing in Nepal?

39:56 – What did you do to avoid separating from Aharale?

43:01 – How his parents took him to skip a semester of the degree to stay in Nepal with Aharale

46:52 – What was your plan for the academic year?

48:59 – How was Aharale’s farewell and what agreement did they reach?

52:43 – How was the return to Valencia 6 months after leaving

56:01 – How was the relationship with Aharale once she returned to Valencia?

1:04:55 – Aharale settled in Amsterdam and Isabel stayed in Valencia doing her fourth degree, but she flew frequently to visit him. How she subsidized those trips

1:07:29 – How the course works essence

1:14:09 – What impact did it have? essence in their life

1:16:00 – How did you pay for your trips from Cologne to Amsterdam during your Erasmus?

1:20:36 – How his parents reacted to the news that he was going to marry Aharale

1:26:14 – How was your job search in the Netherlands as a foreigner and recently graduated

1:32:21 – How she came to the conclusion that medicine was not for her

1:34:25 – He quit his job as a doctor and started volunteering at essence. Why did you make that decision

1:38:02 – At the end of 2008 he started working as an office manager, but in 2010 his first child was born and he decided to quit. Because

1:42:53 – Why did you decide to move to Barcelona?

1:45:10 – Were you worried about running out of income having a newborn baby, and also in the middle of a crisis?

1:47:55 – What business did you decide to create when you returned to Spain?

1:49:50 – In October 2011, he started his business with a presence event called “The business formula”, and at the end of the training they offered a paid course. How that first free event worked

1:54:26 – At the beginning of 2014, she discovered that she was pregnant with her second child. How they organized themselves at that time when they already had a business and a baby, and how they managed to have the second

2:00:32 – Despite the fact that the business was doing very well, they wanted to continue growing. However, there comes a point where they get stuck and decide to ask a consultant for help. What did he tell them to do?

2:05:21 – They made a model change following the consultant’s recommendations, but it didn’t quite work and they began to lose money. What do you think went wrong?

2:12:00 – Things did not go well and in 2016 they had no choice but to start firing people from the team. What did they do to get ahead?

2:15:31 – How did they start selling online?

2:21:04 – The success of their first launch allowed them to move on but the situation continued to be bad, so they fired the only two people left on the team and it was just Aharale and Isabel. How did they live this return

2:24:32 – During 2017 they focused 100% on the online model and managed to clean up the accounts. In addition, his third son was born. But there came a time in 2018 when they no longer felt satisfied. what was missing

2:27:26 – How Aharale defines harmony

2:29:11 – Aharale began to explore other projects and Isabel continued with Ventamax on her own. What changes did she make in the business and what was it like to start running it on her own?

2:32:57 – Did the changes help you to regain your enthusiasm for the business?

2:36:04 – The business continued to go well but she continued trying to find a path that did excite her. What was it that she finally decided to do?

2:40:17 – What is the difference between childbirth in the Netherlands and in Spain

2:45:23 – What is the benefit of non-interventionism in childbirth

2:46:40 – If you were clear about what you were going to do, why didn’t you do it until 2020?

2:52:00 – The podcast came out in January 2021 but before that he decided to campaign to get sponsors. Why did she decide to start there?

2:54:34 – How was your search for sponsors

2:56:49 – What strategy did you follow to make cold-door contact with possible sponsors

3:01:47 – To which address did you send the e-mails for the sponsors

3:06:53 – How well is your Planeta Parto project being accepted?

3:12:24 – How do you feel about your Planeta Parto project?

3:13:45 – How do you balance your two projects, Planeta Parto and Ventamax

3:15:32 – How do you balance your two projects with having three children?

3:18:27 – Are you happy with your current life?

3:22:40 How did you decide to have children?

3:25:19 – What would you recommend to someone who is making the decision to have or not have children?

3:29:04 – How did you manage the issue of the loss of freedom and the resignations that having children implies?

3:34:35 – There are parents who bear having children very badly and others who are very happy. In Isabel’s experience, what makes a parent belong to one group or another?

3:42:12 – How much is genetic in the behavior of your children and how much is education

3:47:35 – What is your parenting philosophy and why is it the one that best fits with it?

3:51:28 – How to strike a balance between respecting children’s individuality and wanting the best for them

4:02:50 – Tips for communicating with children

4:09:00 – One of the pillars of education for her is to “invest heavily during the first years to put the machine into operation and then it goes alone”. What does this mean and what is the most important thing a parent has to teach their child?

4:12:20 – How you have transmitted the feeling of team to your children

4:15:56 – What is the recipe “90% reach an agreement and 10% authority” and how do you apply it?

4:24:02 – How do you handle the conflicts that arise between your three children in a way that you feel is being fair?

4:35:07 – What are the main advantages of working for someone else and having children, and what are the biggest challenges?

4:38:10 – How important do you think it is to have outside help to be able to combine work and parenting?

4:41:47 – Many people are reluctant to delegate the care of their children. What is Elizabeth’s opinion on this?

4:44:39 – How do you balance time spent with your kids and your business so you don’t feel guilty?

4:50:49 – How you organize with your partner to take care of the children

4:54:20 – What are your future plans?

5:00:46 – What are the 3 books that have marked you the most?

5:04:07 – What was the mental process that you followed in the moments in which you had to make difficult decisions because the people around you did not agree

5:09:59 – Final tips

5:10:51 – Where to find Elizabeth

5:12:30 – Farewell

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