How to seduce others and yourself

Do I like my physique? Do I like my height? Do I like my voice?

Do I like my jokes? Or I don’t even like my jokes. Do I like my life?

It is not surprising that those people who have not seduced themselves have trouble seducing themselves.

—Luis Weaver

louis weaver (@egolandseducion), better known as Egoland, is a psychologist and clinical sexologist, since 2008 he has been teaching seduction workshops and courses for both men and women and is one of the leaders in Spanish-speaking what is known as “natural seduction”.

In addition, Luis has worked composing soundtracks for film and theater, has been co-director of the Alacrá theater company, and is the author of several books, including “Seductor” and “El pequeño libro de seducción”.

In this interview, Luis and I cover his entire career, from his beginnings as a musician to today, which he leads a team of psychologists, sexologists and sociologists at Egoland Seduction, and we cover topics as interesting as…

  • Why Luis decided to leave everything to get on a cruise ship for 2 years
  • How Luis discovered the world of seduction and began to teach courses and workshops throughout Spain… not only for boys but also for girls
  • What is for Luis the difference between flirting and seducing?
  • Why Luis affirms that seduction is “a succession of proposals” and how you should structure those proposals to increase the chances that they will be accepted
  • Or what are, according to Luis, the 3 metaphorical cables that determine the level of attraction that exists between two people, and what can we do to stimulate each one of them?

It is a very mandango conversation, in which Luis gives advice that will be useful to you regardless of your gender, your sexual orientation or your sentimental status, so I think you will love it.

But as I always say, I prefer not to anticipate anything else and let you discover it yourself, so without further ado I leave you with the great Luis Tejedor.

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0:48 – Presentation of the guest

2:18 – Start of the interview

2:26 – How I met Luis

8:39 – What does the word “mandanga” mean to Luis and when did he discover it and incorporate it into his vocabulary?

11:56 – How his friends used to freak out when he was little with Bach’s music as much as with football or marbles

4:46 p.m. – What happened when Luis discovered Heavy Metal and what impact it had on his life

22:38 – Why did he choke so much during his last year of high school and end up repeating COU three times?

25:05 – What advice would Luis give today to his self from that time and to his own parents to manage that situation they went through during their adolescence?

26:02 – How the opportunity to go to work as a pianist on a cruise ship arose

33:37 – What happened to his relationship with his girlfriend when he went on the cruise

36:18 – Why after 2 years he decided to leave the ship and if the return to the real world was very hard

39:01 – What was the reason that at that time you spent so much time reading and writing and what kind of texts did you read and write?

42:14 – What kind of songs did you compose around the same time?

43:45 – How was he doing in terms of love relationships?

47:28 – What was it that led you to start making your first steps as an actor?

52:02 – What did you think of the flirting method that your cousin launched in Sex Code

59:16 – Where does the name Egoland come from and what does it mean?

1:00:32 – How was the experience of teaching other people to flirt in Scientific Seduction

1:03:39 – What are the workshops to “learn to flirt” and how do they work?

1:10:17 – How Luis managed to fit into Scientific Seduction despite understanding seduction differently from the rest of the team

1:14:46 – What does Luis think he contributed to the Scientific Seduction project and what the project contributed to him?

1:18:04 Why did you abandon that project to start your own?

1:20:18– What did Luis want to contribute with his Egoland Seduction project that did not already exist?

1:21:40 – Why from the beginning you decide to incorporate girls into the project and hold seduction workshops for women and how did they work?

1:26:16 – What is the reason that, unlike other seduction schools, Luis has never made videos in which he or people from his team appear with a hidden camera in action flirting

1:28:57 – Why did you decide to publish your first book, what did you explain in it and how was it received by your followers?

1:33:36 – Where did the idea for the second book come from and what is the difference with the previous one?

1:41:47 – Why did you decide to go to Budapest to write The Little Book of Seduction?

1:47:42 – How does Luis think the coronavirus is affecting his business?

1:50:30 – What is Luis’s new course about and who is it for?

1:54:11 – How the course of the book differs

1:57:04 – Where does Luis live now and what does he do exactly?

2:01:08 – What is Luis’s sentimental and family situation at the moment?

2:02:28 – How is a normal day in the life of Luis Tejedor

2:04:35 – Luis explains if he is happy with the life he has created

2:06:48 – How Luis defines seduction

2:13:00 – Why does Luis think that, even if a person has a partner, they are interested in learning about seduction?

2:15:42 – Why it is so important to seduce yourself and how to do it

2:21:29 – What role do proposals play in seduction?

2:31:47 – What do we have to take into account to make better proposals and that there are more chances that they will be accepted?

2:37:42 – How can I propose to meet a guy I see in the supermarket who I find attractive?

2:42:20 – How can I propose to a girl that I’m seeing that I want to go a step further and become boyfriends

2:44:41 – How can I propose to my boyfriend that we live together?

2:51:36 – How Luis recommends stimulating each of the three metaphorical cables of seduction through conversation

3:07:56 – How possible is it to know the cables so in depth that you are able to seduce anyone in any circumstance?

3:14:25 – What is the best way to handle rejection

3:17:08 – What things change and what things must be taken into account when seducing through social networks

3:21:53 – What are Luis’s next projects?

3:23:50 – What are the books that have marked you the most in your life?

3:25:34 – What are the songs you would choose for the soundtrack of your life

3:27:12 – Advice, message or final recommendation from Luis

3:27:58 – Where to find Louis

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