How to stop being a subhuman and start fighting for your dreams, with Rafael Fernández “Ezcritor”

For me, a subhuman is that person who gets up day after day, who goes to a job they don’t like, and who has a very strong passion here inside, or a very strong doubt of: “And if my life, Instead of doing this thing that I don’t like, do this?” Well, if you don’t dare to do this, you are a subhuman.

— Rafael Fernández “Ezcritor”

Rafael Fernández, aka “eZcritor” (@ezcritor), is a true ‘creation junkie’ who in recent years has published 9 of his own novels, has recorded all kinds of videos, shorts and even pilots for television series, and has literally written thousands of posts for the various blogs of those who have been the author.

Rafa is a true example of what it means to “create a life that suits you”, and since he left university to pursue his dream of being a writer, he has done practically everything: from working as a columnist in one of the most widely read newspapers from Spain or collaborating with Santiago Segura on the script for Torrente IV, until he started selling his books at the subway door or went to live in a remote village in Asturias where he took care of his animals and cut his own wood for the fire.

At this moment, Rafa has been living from his books for more than 7 years, which he publishes and sends to his readers, and of which he has already sold more than 10,000 copies.

In our conversation we review his life and his professional career, and we chat about a lot of interesting things, such as:

  • What is your secret to never running out of ideas?
  • What do you do so that the opinion of others does not affect you?
  • How he directed and recorded his first series without having any previous experience
  • How did you meet Santiago Segura?
  • How has your opinion about love and sex changed over the years?
  • What are the only 3 things you need in your life to be happy?

…And much much more.

I think the interview is full of pearls, and above all inspiration, because Rafa is always an inspiration, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it.

(Sorry for the audio quality! There is a bit of echo, especially during the first 30 minutes of the interview, but it’s still good to hear)

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quick index

0:50 – Presentation of the guest

2:26 – Start of the interview

4:27 – Where does the name “Ezcritor” come from?

6:02 – How not to run out of ideas to write

11:14 – How do you not care what others think

16:14 – How do you get your books hooked

19:09 – Which authors have influenced you?

20:42 – How he developed his own style

22:48 – What is a subhuman

25:16 – Go for your dream or continue in a stable job?

28:24 – Despite the difficult times, is it worth pursuing your dreams?

30:41 – Is there some invisible force that helps you when you pursue your dreams?

36:35 – Rafael’s trajectory

37:23 – When did you realize you wanted to dedicate yourself to writing?

39:28 What was it that made you drop out of college?

42:07 – Why did you start your first blog?

46:11 – How your first readers found you when there was still no Google

47:28 – How the 20Blogs award changed your life

51:38 – How do you not get affected by the comments of people insulting you?

55:45 – Anecdotes with your readers

59:36 – How he created a series

1:02:19 – How you learned everything you didn’t know while creating your first series

1:06:26 – Why did he stop writing in 20minutos and in other blogs to dedicate himself 100% to his novels?

1:08:33 – How he met Santiago Segura and how he got the job as a script consultant for Torrente 4

1:12:03 – What is it like to work with Santiago Segura?

1:14:19 – Which celebrity has surprised you the most?

1:18:50 – The evolution of his vision of sex and love

1:22:44 – The moment his first published book came into his hands

1:26:18 –Which are they and what are their novels about?

1:27:30 – How was the experience of selling books on the street?

1:30:50 – What has encouraged you to keep going even in bad times?

1:34:12 –How do you cheer up every day now that you are going through a difficult time?

1:37:43 – Why do you keep creating even though you just got divorced?

1:40:47 – What is a Patreon and how does it work?

1:44:05 – Projects you are working on

1:46:00 – His conclusions after having lived so many different experiences: what is important to him and what he needs to be happy

1:48:59 – If you could go back in time and talk to the 30-year-old Rafa, what advice would you give him?

1:50:00 – Where to find Rafa

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