How to turn your passion for writing into a job tailored to you, with Anina Anyway

In a world where there are more and more people doing the same thing, your only differential value is you.

Be yourself. Bet on you.

—Anina Anyway

Ana Ines Lopez Trelles (@anina_anyway) is better known as Anina Anyway.

Anina has been working as a freelance copywriter for 4 years; she has created 3 copy courses for the Joan Boluda academy; and she is the author of two books: “Expedición Cabo Norte” and “Las siempre y cuatro”; and I have decided to bring her to the podcast because she is a person who has been able to turn her passion, which is writing, into a job and a life completely tailored to her.

In this interview, Anina and I cover her entire career, from her beginnings as a Tourism student to her current life as a writer and copywriter, and we talk about topics as interesting as…

  • What was it that pushed Anina to pursue once and for all her dream of living writing?
  • How Anina got her first writing clients
  • Why Anina embarked on a trip from Gijón to Norway by bicycle
  • What lessons Anina learned writing her first book
  • Or how Anina went from being an editor to becoming a copywriter

If you don’t know Anina, let me tell you that she is one of those people who is a pleasure to listen to, because her optimism and enthusiasm are contagious, so I think you will love this interview 😊

But hey, I prefer not to anticipate anything and let you discover it yourself, so without further ado I leave you with the great Anina Aniway.

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quick index

0:40 – Presentation of the guest

1:52 – Start of the interview

1:57 – How I met Anina

4:30 – Where does the pseudonym “Anina Anyway” come from?

6:40 – Why did you choose to study Tourism

7:47 – Why did you leave Tourism a month after starting

9:06 – How did your parents take it?

10:11 – What did you spend the rest of the year doing?

11:03 – Why the following year he enrolled in Philosophy

13:31 – How was studying Philosophy

2:29 p.m. – What happened in the second year of your degree that marked a before and after in your life

17:01 – How did you process the news when you were told you had cancer?

19:11 – How his parents and friends took it

20:16 – How did the treatment take place on a physical and psychological level?

25:57 How did living with that disease change you?

27:54 – What advice would you give someone who has been diagnosed with a serious illness?

30:14 – What was the master’s degree in “Philosophy of the present” that you did at the end of your degree?

32:58 – What did you do after finishing your master’s degree to decide which path to take?

35:46 – What projects did you do with the association “Filosofía para niños”?

37:39 – What did you think of that job?

39:56 – What conclusions did you reach at that time about what you liked and what you did not at a professional level?

41:42 – Why did you like to write since you were little and what did you write?

44:40 – Why until then I had never tried to do anything related to writing

46:41 – Anina explains who Pablo is, the person who encouraged her dream of being a writer

53:27 – How the Idea2Blog course helped you to create a blog in which to publish what you wrote

57:20 – What did Anina want to achieve with her blog?

0:59:41 – Why the motto of Anina’s blog is “Live how you think” and what that phrase means to her

1:03:13 – What text did you send to Joan Boluda to convince him that she was a good writer?

1:08:30 – How do you react when Joan told you that she had a client for her?

1:11:01 – How much was that first budget and how did you know how to do it?

1:17:38 – How was that first job and if the client was happy

1:23:33 – Where did the idea of ​​touring Europe by bicycle from Gijón to the North Cape come from?

1:27:04 – How did you prepare for a trip like that?

1:31:15 – What was the route they did

1:32:41 – In which plan did you travel, organized or total adventurer

1:36:02 – Anina tells a funny anecdote of the trip

1:40:30 – What was the hardest part of those 5 months of travel for her?

1:44:06 – How was the experience of working while traveling and how was it organized?

1:47:16 – How did you feel the day you finally arrived at the North Cape?

1:50:13 – Anina explains what copywriting is and how it differs from writing

1:53:05 – What led you to become interested in copywriting and what conclusions did you come to after doing research on the subject?

1:55:18 – What did Anina do to train as a copywriter?

1:57:52 – How did you react when Joan Boluda suggested creating a copywriting course?

2:02:52 – How was the experience of creating the course?

2:05:08 – Anina confirms if it is true that in her copywriting course there is a block on Greek rhetoric

2:07:59 – How did it go with the first copy clients you had?

2:10:58 – How happy she was with the transition from writing to copy

2:13:03 – Where did the idea of ​​turning the trip to the North Cape by bike into a book come from?

2:14:15 – How was the crowdfunding campaign they did prior to writing the book

2:17:51 – How was Anina able to write a book that was something she had never done before?

2:21:45 – What was the lesson you learned from the whole process of writing the book?

2:24:26 – How the people who had participated in the crowdfunding took it for taking a year and a half to write the book instead of them 3 months expected

2:27:35 – Once the book was written, how was the rest of the process of printing it and sending it to buyers?

2:30:26 – Why did she and Pablo end the relationship during the creation of the book and if this affected its publication

2:36:02 – What happened for a publisher to be interested in the book

2:41:29 – How the idea of ​​doing a tour of Spain to promote the book arose

2:45:27 – Where can you buy the book “North Cape Expedition”

2:47:01 – How has Anina’s evolution been as a copywriter since she started until today?

2:51:40 – What copy services does Anina offer and how much does she charge for them?

2:54:38 – How do you get your customers?

2:57:38 – Which are the two clients you are most proud of?

3:02:09 – What other things do you do that are related to copywriting and writing?

3:08:38 – What other projects do you have that are not related to writing?

3:10:31 – Approximately how many hours do you dedicate to copy each week?

3:12:52 – What is the key to Anina’s success, what makes her different from other copywriters?

3:18:22 – Why does Anina believe that it is possible to make a living today as a copy without knowing an influencer as happened to her?

3:23:09 – The keys to succeed as a copywriter

3:28:43 – How is a normal day in the life of Anina Anyway

3:31:38 – Anina is happy with the life she has designed

3:32:51 – What are the 3 books that have most impacted your life?

3:37:11 – What is your latest book “Las siempre y cuatro” about and where did the idea of ​​writing it come from?

3:40:45 – Why did you start making trips to the mountains and what do they bring to your life?

3:44:56 – What mountain routes do you recommend to start with?

3:48:22 – What plans do you have for the coming months?

3:49:17 – What are your next books and courses going to be?

3:52:50 –Final advice or recommendation for listeners

3:55:39 – Where to find Anina

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