How to undertake with purpose, with Sergio Fernández

All of us at some point in our life are going to have to ask ourselves what we are doing with our existence. We are going to have to ask ourselves. I hope it’s tonight… If not, you’ll do it one minute before you die.

—Sergio Fernandez

Sergio Fernandez (@sergi_fernandez) is one of the great references on personal development and entrepreneurship in Spain.

In case you don’t know him, let me tell you that Sergio is the director of the Institute for Positive Thinking, the Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurs and the Master’s Degree in Personal Development, through which he has trained thousands of students in recent years. The author of 7 books, among which “Living without a Boss” stands out, which is now in its 29th edition. He has given hundreds of conferences and seminars around the world. And he was also the director of the program Pensamiento Positivo on ABC Punto Radio until the station closed.

In our talk, Sergio and I cover his entire career, from his beginnings in the world of communication to today, who is a successful author, speaker and businessman. And also, we talk about how to find your way, how to overcome the different obstacles that arise when starting a business, and many more things, among them…

  • How Sergio got a job at the London City Council despite having a very poor level of English
  • Why Sergio left his communication agency to dedicate himself full time to personal development
  • What is, according to Sergio, the secret to finding a path or a business idea that is perfect for you
  • What does Sergio recommend to deal with the different fears we feel when starting a business?
  • Or what have been the 3 keys that have allowed Sergio to multiply the results of his business in the last 7 years?

Let me tell you that this interview is a non-stop of super powerful ideas, so I am convinced that you will love it. And although at first I start a little fast, because I was nervous and had a very limited time to record, then I relax and everything turns out great.

But hey, I don’t roll up anymore!

I leave you to enjoy my conversation with the great Sergio Fernández.

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quick index

0:41 – Presentation of the guest

2:20 – Start of the interview

3:09 – Why Sergio had to change schools because he did not want to play soccer

4:27 – Where does your interest in psychology and personal development come from?

7:28 – Why as a teenager I bought and resold denim clothes in high school

10:03 – Why he studied Advertising and Public Relations

11:54 – Where does your rebellious spirit and your vocation as a leader come from?

15:11 – How he got a job at London City Council with barely any English speaking

20:01 – Sergio defines what coaching is

9:40 p.m. – Where did the idea of ​​creating your communication agency Developia come from?

23:11 – Why did you decide to start a business so young and with so little experience and financial resources?

26:36 – How were the first months with your agency and how you got your first clients

30:02 – Difference between owning a business and being self-employed

34:04 – Where did the idea of ​​writing the book Vivir sin jefe come from and what is it about?

36:20 – Why Sergio was sure that the book was going to be a success

38:41 – Why did you decide to start a blog in 2008?

40:52 – How he ended up having a radio show

44:16 – Why does Sergio think that his book Vivir sin jefe had such an impact?

47:13 – How Sergio organized between 2009 and 2011 to write several books, write on his blog, give conferences, do radio and continue working as a communication consultant

49:47 – How did you know when it was time to throw yourself fully into personal development and leave everything related to communication advice behind?

52:48 – Why your first paid training was the Living without a Boss seminar and how it differs from the book

54:17 – What did you do to sell the seminar tickets?

56:23 – Why launch the Master of Entrepreneurs and what it consists of

59:13 – How Sergio raised the agenda of the Master of Entrepreneurs for an activity as broad as entrepreneurship

1:01:32 – What are the 3 keys that have allowed you to multiply the impact and results of your company

1:05:03 – Among all of Sergio’s products and trainings, which one does he recommend starting with for those who want to create a life to suit them?

1:07:52 – How is a normal day in the life of Sergio

1:10:04 – If you are happy with the life you have created

1:12:49 – What does Sergio think is the reason why many dissatisfied people do nothing to change their situation?

1:15:31 – Sergio’s advice to discover what we want to dedicate ourselves to, to find the right path that makes us happy

1:17:53 – Sergio’s advice for people who like many things and don’t know which one to choose

1:20:41 – Sergio’s opinion on whether everyone should undertake

1:24:35 – What to take into account when finding a good business idea

1:29:33 – How to remove the “I don’t have time” to start my project

1:32:59 – How to remove the “I have no money” to start my project

1:38:03 – How to remove the “fear of failure” to start my project

1:41:07 – Where does the fear of selling come from and what can we do to overcome it?

1:44:37 – What can be done to overcome impostor syndrome

1:49:06 – Some characteristics or attitudes to recognize a future successful entrepreneur

1:50:58 – Sergio briefly explains the content of the Master of Entrepreneurs

1:54:06 – How did you learn to speak so well in public?

1:58:27 – Why does Sergio like the book A Course in Miracles so much?

2:00:07 – What process do you follow to write a book?

2:03:05 – What process do you follow to learn something new?

2:03:46 – Sergio’s future plans

2:06:23 – Why are you sure that you will end up as president of the government?

2:09:26 – Where to find Sergio

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