Josan Jarque – How to become an annuitant and retire at 43 with a normal job

As you already know, my goal with Living to the Fullest is to help you create a life that suits you.

A life that you have chosen consciously, and that includes everything that you consider important and that makes you happy.

For most of my readers (and I’m sure for you too), that ideal life It is far from what in our society is considered “normal”, which is working for 40 years in a job that you hate waiting for retirement to arrive.

For this reason, in this blog I write about the alternatives that exist to abandon the conventional path and enjoy more freedom to travel, dedicate yourself to what you are passionate about or spend more time with your loved ones.

In recent years I have shared with you the story of normal people, like you or me, who have managed to create a life to suit them in different ways: setting up niche pages, blogs, starting their own businesses, working as freelancers, reinventing themselves professionally…

And today I would like to introduce you to someone who decided to follow a very different strategy: Josan Jarque.

Josan is a boy from Valencia who had a very normal life.

He worked in a savings bank from Monday to Friday with an employee’s payroll, and he never started his own company or was interested in online business.

However, with a bit of discipline and following a strategy he calls “going rentier,” he achieved financial freedom and retired at 43.

Since then, he has dedicated himself to traveling the world, collaborating with NGOs and writing, never again having to worry about money or having to work.

Very few people are aware that what Josan did is not only possible, but also within everyone’s reach, so I have recorded an almost 2-hour interview with him in which we talk about his story, about the rat race and how you can also become a rentier.

If you thought that the only way to be financially free was to start a company and earn a pasture, this conversation will change your mind 🙂

Enjoy it!

Download the interview in MP3to listen to it on the subway, in the gym or when you go for a run

quick index

  • 0:00 – Presentation
  • 1:23 – Living permanently in summer
  • 4:03 – What is being a rentier
  • 7:09 – How to leave a job to never return, become an annuitant and always live in summer
  • 10:47 – How to organize yourself to start living off income and achieve financial freedom
  • 13:45 – The reasons why most people do not save
  • 18:48 – The impulse to find a path and achieve financial freedom
  • 22:44 – How to decide to take the leap and leave the job
  • 27:21 – The last day of work before “retirement”
  • 30:03 – Why getting rid of your property was one of the best decisions of your life
  • 35:31 – The daily life of a rentier
  • 38:14 – What are the challenges in achieving financial freedom and how to overcome them
  • 44:10 – The most efficient strategy to become a rentier and achieve financial freedom
  • 48:05 – The different investment possibilities that exist
  • 54:18 – How to identify the best companies to invest in
  • 55:56 – The best companies to invest in
  • 58:24 – The most important factor in choosing which company to invest in: the evolution of the dividend over time
  • 1:01:17 – Is it important that stocks go up or down?
  • 1:03:39 – How much time do you need to get to live on rents
  • 1:11:36 – How long did it take Josan to become a rentier?
  • 1:12:18 – Is it worth the sacrifice necessary to become a rentier?
  • 1:18:19 – Can you achieve financial freedom by having a family?
  • 1:22:14 – The main mistakes of aspiring rentiers
  • 1:27:06 – How economic crises affect dividends
  • 1:28:18 – The mistake of trying to predict the future
  • 1:30:48 – Getting Started Resources
  • 1:32:48 – Target 2035
  • 1:36:20 – Josan’s next plans
  • 1:37:24 – Josan’s book: How to become a rentier
  • 1:40:49 – How to contact Josan

Resources mentioned in the interview

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