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A life tailored to you is the Living to the Fullest podcast.

It is aimed at all those people who want to create their own path instead of settling for a gray life that does not fulfill them, and its objective is to help you build a freer, more consistent life… and ultimately, a happier one.

In each episode I talk to normal people who one day decided to abandon the established path to do something different, with the aim of understanding why they did it, what were the steps they took and what obstacles they had to overcome.

If you want to know more details about the project, check out the initial episode here.

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Latest episodes and show notes

These are all the episodes of “A life tailored to you” that I have published so far, ordered from newest to oldest.

Click on any of them to go to a page where you can listen to that specific chapter and access all the notes from it.

53: From web designer to strategist pig – Arturo García

52: How to make good decisions as an investor in an uncertain and noisy world — Antonio Rico

51: How to become a professional writer and publish more than 100 books — Francesc Miralles

50: How to overcome anxiety — Ferrán Cases

49: How to go from having a coaching business to working in the blockchain ecosystem — Hana Kanjaa

48: How to make a living from music — Daniel Aragón

47: How to create your own real estate empire — Carlos Galán

46: How to achieve greatness — Antonio Herrero

45: How to live without an office — Bosco Soler

44: How to live traveling by van — Íñigo Mendia

43: How to invoice more than 5 million euros helping experts to sell their knowledge — Sergio Marcus

42: How to Succeed in the Tech Industry Programming and Creating Digital Products — David Bonilla

41: Systems, habits and tools to achieve what you propose — Marina Díaz

40: How to reconcile professional ambition with a large family — Isabel Anthony

39: How to seduce others and yourself — Luis Tejedor

38: How to make a living from your online store — Eric Valladares

37: How to create your Good Luck — Álex Rovira

36: How to achieve financial freedom and retire at 33 — Jesús Arroyo

35: How to lead a life of adventures working as a researcher and biologist — Fernando Mateos

34: How to live traveling by bicycle with your dog — Pablo Calvo

33: The secret to writing better texts with less effort — Javi Pastor

32: How to prevent your mind from ending your life— Marina Díaz

31: Secrets of a 7-figure online business — Roberto Gamboa

30: How to live from coaching and lead a life aligned with your values ​​— David Alonso

29: How to create an NGO that changes the lives of hundreds of families — Alejandra Borrell

28: How to make money managing apartments for Airbnb — Federico García del Real

26 and 27: How to live differently and generate passive income by selling photos online — Carles Navarro

25: How to turn your passion for writing into a job for you — Anina Anyway

24: The 3+1 keys to succeed with your online business — Pau Forner Navarro

23: How to undertake with purpose — Sergio Fernández

22: How to make a living selling handmade products on Etsy — Mireia Solsona

20 and 21: How to create a fulfilling career — Joan Tubau

18 and 19: How to find your own voice and succeed as an illustrator — Magoz

16 and 17: How to live doing what you like when you like many things — Pau Ninja

15: How to fulfill your dreams — Ami Bondía

14: How to hack the system to succeed on the Internet in record time — Roberto Gamboa

12 and 13: How to improve your social skills and earn thousands of euros a month with niche pages — Pau Forner Navarro

10 and 11: A geek in Japan — Héctor García “Kirai”

9: How to find your path and create a life that truly fulfills you — Esther Rodríguez (this episode is unavailable because the guest asked us to remove it for privacy reasons)

8: How to earn a good salary and travel the world tutoring online — Patrick Ohlenschlager

6 and 7: How to challenge the status quo and start your own revolution — Marcos Vázquez

5: How to invest in the stock market without feeling uncomfortable or worrying — Antonio Rico

4: How to live writing without publishing any books — Javi Pastor

3: How to create a beverage brand that sells throughout Spain — Beatriz Magro

2: Why enduring rejection is the key to getting anything — Miguel Hernández

1: How to stop being a subhuman and start fighting for your dreams — Rafael Fernández “Ezcritor”

0: A life tailored to you






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