Little Hunter

A little design for a little hunter.

We’d like to preface this post with a warning for vegetarians. Little Hunter, a contemporary grill house for the city dweller and cultural carnivore has arrived.

A short walk down the fire exit stairwell of 195 Lt. Collins Street and you’ll find our latest project, a refurbishment of the basement of the old Georges Men’s Department.

The original Georges’ pillars remain, complimented by recycled timber floors and tables, leather booths and seating, and three gorgeous bars: metal, timber, and a third separate marble presence in the charcuterie kitchen.

Highlighting a space with no natural light presented an interesting challenge. Luckily we’d spent far too much time in NYC basements, so with the help of Industrial Designer, Paul Grummisch, a lighting solution was developed to ensure guests would be eating in the right light.

Now, the food: Gavin Baker [formerly Fat Duck, London] heads Little Hunter’s kitchen, paying close attention to local produce and all things smoked, grilled, and fried. Clean, simple, and thoughtful flavours are paired with quality cuts of meat; nothing is left to chance.

Working closely with AIGP Architects and the Hunter Gatherer Group, this project provided yet another example of why we love doing what we do. Not to mention the guys from Round for the Branding and Matthew Liam Collins for the Artwork.

Oh, one last thing for our vegetarian friends. Little Hunter’s take on fries
and lettuce will certainly fill both your eyes and stomach. Not to mention the pot set yoghurt, apple pie jam & mint granite dessert. Who said you can’t eat sweets first?

Thanks to Nicole England photography.

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