Secrets of a 7-figure online business, with Roberto Gamboa

I don’t care what happens, I’m going to do whatever it takes. Always. Whatever is needed.

And I believed it. And the point is that when you believe it you really become the indestructible Terminator

—Roberto Gamboa

Roberto Gamboa (@gamboarober), whom I already interviewed in episode 14 of the podcast, is the benchmark for Facebook Ads and paid traffic in the Hispanic market; he is the founder of the Online Traffic Institute, where he currently leads a team of more than 50 people; and he is the creator of the Online Traffic Master, a training that more than 1,000 students have already gone through to learn the new profession of Digital Trafficker.

As you can imagine, things are going very well for Rober, and personally I consider him an example of someone who has created a life to suit himself… But in my opinion, the most interesting thing about his career is not that, but how quickly he He has managed to get to where he is. And it is that, as he told us in the first interview, just 5 years ago Rober had just left his job and he did not even have a website.

For me, Rober’s story is proof that changing your life and achieving incredible results does not have to be a slow and tortuous process, so, taking advantage of the fact that he is about to launch the 5th edition of his Traffic Master, I have decided to invite him back to the podcast to talk with him about the secrets of his success.

In this conversation, Rober and I chat about mentality, marketing, advertising… and the rest of the keys that have allowed him to create an online training business that bills 7 figures, and we touch on topics as interesting as…

  • What are the mantras and beliefs that have allowed Rober to get to where he is?
  • What must be taken into account to create an online training that sells well without making false promises or deceiving anyone
  • Why do people buy according to Rober, and what is his secret to turning strangers into customers
  • How Rober has learned everything he knows about marketing and business
  • Or what have been the most important learnings that Rober has had in these 5 years that he has been with his project

In addition, at the end of the interview we talked about Rober’s star training, the Online Traffic Master, in which you can train as a Digital Trafficker and make a living from it in less than 3 months and which is about to open its doors ( Here you can see the opinion on the program of Alfonso, one of the students of the last edition).

So if you have been thinking about making a professional change for some time, if you would like to work online and be your own boss, or if you are simply curious and want to know more about this new profession, I invite you to visit and sign up for the free training that Rober will give starting next March 2, 2020.

The training is completely free, and it will consist of 4 videos in which Rober will explain what are the advantages of being a Digital Trafficker, how to get your first client as a Trafficker in less than 30 days, how to give tangible results to that client even if you don’t know right now nothing about Facebook Ads… and much much more 🙂

And that’s all I wanted to tell you!

I think this is a top interview, which will allow you to understand how an entrepreneur who has created a 7-figure business from scratch thinks, so without further ado I leave you with the great Roberto Gamboa.

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quick index

0:42 – Presentation of the guest

3:30 – Start of the interview

3:36 – Ángel explains the reason why he has decided to interview Rober again

5:01 – Rober reveals the news of the secret plan he has with Ángel

11:25 a.m. – Where has Rober been during his last vacations?

12:16 – How was your experience on your first cruise?

17:36 – Who is Rober and what does he do?

20:50 – How was the second release of the lineup of Trafficker digital Rober and the highlights of the last 12 months after the last interview

12:43 p.m. – How was the graduation event of the last edition of the digital Trafficker course

27:57 – How much does Rober believe there is truth in the idea that success is a slow path and where does his obsession to challenge that idea and always try to find a way to accelerate results come from?

40:24 – How is the mental process you follow to avoid taking the common path and finding a shortcut every time you want to achieve a goal?

50:39 – Why does Rober like the phrase “the one who works the most does not get further, but the one who has the best strategy”

54:06 – Rober explains the two aspects that work best for him to make good decisions

57:45 Where does that self-confidence come from?

1:05:54 – Why the rule of the universe of action-reaction is so important

1:09:20 – What is the reason why you think that sometimes we do not allow ourselves to be happy

1:11:58 – Where does your mantra “I’m going to do what it takes, when it takes, as many times as it takes” come from and some anecdote that shows how you have applied it to your life

1:16:10 – What rule do you follow to know when it makes sense to continue and when to stop and do something different?

1:20:07 – Rober tells two examples of projects that he has decided to leave after working on them for a long time and how he knew he had to leave them

1:25:36 – Why do you think it is better to focus on a single product instead of having several products at different prices to try to reach more customers?

1:30:47 – What is Rober’s opinion on the future of the online training market?

1:39:43 – What is the key for a training to be attractive to the people to whom it is addressed and to ensure that it will sell well

1:56:43 – Why are there people who pay thousands of euros for training and abandon it after 2 weeks and whose fault is it, the student or the creator of the course?

2:01:12 – What is marketing for Rober

2:03:21– What makes someone buy your product or sign up for your course

2:10:31 – How a purchase is rationally and emotionally justified

2:15:50 – How emotion is generated when selling online training

2:16:52 – How do you get someone to trust you so that they go from not knowing who you are to being willing to buy what you offer?

2:19:28 – How do you get 100,000 people into a launch?

2:21:54 – What changes have occurred in online advertising in the last 5 years and what works today

2:27:03 – How Rober sees the future of online advertising

2:29:36 – Why you find it so easy to delegate to your team

2:33:17 – What is the process you follow from deciding what to delegate, to finding the right person, teaching them and making sure they do the job right

2:35:45 – How he found his right hand, Javi García, and why he has been so important in his team

2:37:28 – What has Rober done to learn all this in what he is now an expert and how he has been trained

2:39:21 – What online course or mentor has marked a before and after in your career

2:43:08 – How entrepreneurship has changed you and what are the differences between today’s Rober and that of 5 years ago

2:46:48 – What impact has earning a lot of money had on your life and if you are happier now for that reason

2:48:57 – What is moving you at the moment and why do you continue working instead of retiring?

2:53:09 – Rober believes that people treat him differently now that he earns so much money

2:54:43 – How he deals with critics and trolls and is affected by what they can say about him

2:57:36 – What challenges are you currently facing in your life and business?

3:01:23 – What does your online traffic master training consist of?

3:05:40 – The traffickers market is saturated or there is still demand

3:09:18 – What is the difference between the trafficker profession and other online professions?

3:12:11 – Someone should sign up for Rober’s digital traffic master instead of other similar training courses

3:14:06 – What changes have you made for this 5th edition of the master compared to the previous one?

3:17:35 – How to sign up for the free digital trafficker training

3:18:34 – What are Rober’s future plans?

3:20:00 – Any advice, recommendation or final message

3:21:13 – Where to find Robert

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