Systems, habits and tools to achieve what you propose

Everything is action. It is like the new currency of the 21st century because the information is already commoditized and it is very easy to get it, but the action is not.

So what separates the people who succeed from the people who don’t – broadly speaking, success doesn’t have to be Elon Musk – but in the end it’s action.

—Marina Diaz

Marina Diaz She is the founder of Psicosurvivencia, which I already interviewed in episode number 32 of the podcast.

Marina is a clinical psychologist and has a master’s degree in contextual therapies and mindfulness; She is the creator of the El Club del Cambio membership and the courses Reescribete, Transforma tus mañanas, Acción 360º and Bullet Journal Power; and she is also the author of two fiction novels: The art of meeting by chance and What Berta does not know.

As you can guess after listening to this summary of her achievements, Marina is a super productive person and a true execution machine, and she has also spent years studying the art of taking action from the point of view of psychology. For this reason, I have decided to invite her back to the podcast to talk with her about the keys to becoming someone who finishes what she starts and achieves what she sets out to do.

In our conversation, Marina and I talked in depth about this, and touched on such interesting topics as…

  • What is the key to choosing goals and tasks that have a positive impact on your life
  • How to deal with the lack of information or with the different unforeseen events that may arise during the development of a project
  • What systems and tools does Marina use to plan and organize herself on a day-to-day basis?
  • What are the essential habits for Marina that help her to be more productive?
  • Or what is “the psychology of action”, and why if you don’t control this, all the techniques, systems and productivity tools will be of no use to you

In addition, I inform you that Marina has prepared a kind of free infographic for the listeners of “Una vida a tu medida”, in which she explains with images and in a very graphic way what is the reason why so many times our good intentions they come to nothing and we are incapable of things like getting up early, launching the project we have in mind or making the life changes we want to make… despite being super motivated and trying with all our might.

What Marina tells in this pseudo-infographic is very revealing, and on top of that she tells it in a very entertaining and very funny way, so if you are a person who finds it difficult to take action and do what is proposed, I invite you to Enter the following link and download your copy for free now:

And well, that’s all I wanted to tell you!

I think you’re going to love this interview, because it deals with a topic that is relevant to anyone who wants to create a life to suit them and it’s full of practical ideas that you can apply, so without further ado I’ll leave you with the great Marina Diaz.

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quick index

0:48 – Presentation of the guest

3:12 – Start of the interview

5 o’clock – Why Marina returns to the program

5:58 – What will the masterclass that Marina will teach be about

8:05 – What has happened in Marina’s life since the previous episode and why is she living in Costa Rica

15:14 – Why did you decide to get married there and how was the wedding

17:45 – Marina explains whether or not she has been able to maintain the daily email strategy

21:43 – What does the club of change membership consist of and why did you decide to launch it?

27:51 What is your second novel about?

30:30 – Why does Marina think that we must always be setting new goals even when we are fine with the situation we have?

34:16 – How important is the result when acting

39:36 – Why does Marina think that taking action is a skill that can be learned

42:09 – Why it is good that everyone develops that ability to take action

45:50 – What is the process that Marina follows to make important decisions

52:18 – How to connect with yourself and your values ​​in order to take action

57:08 – What is the review process that must be done after an action

1:00:12 – What approach does Marina follow when she wants to do something she has never done before to know where to start?

1:08:45 – What would you do differently if you had to relaunch your membership

1:11:12 – What does Marina do when she has to do tasks for which she does not have the necessary skills and knowledge

1:16:21 – How to avoid throwing in the towel when things do not turn out as you had imagined

1:20:19 – How to avoid throwing in the towel when despite what you are trying you do not see any reward

1:24:27 – What is the way to distinguish if what is happening is that you are doing things wrong or if it is still too early to obtain results

1:28:44 – Why Marina abandoned her previous novel and how she feels about it

1:34:36 – How Marina is organized at the level of planning and objectives and how it turns the projects it wants to do into tangible and concrete objectives

1:37:56 – What tool Marina uses in her day to day to make sure she does everything she has to do

1:40:21 – What is the Bullet Journal system and how does it work?

1:42:45 – How Marina turns quarterly goals into day-to-day actions and how she uses Things in relation to how she uses Bullet Journal

1:46:37 – What are the keys to designing a personal productivity and organization system that works

1:51:28 – How Marina reviews her goals and how she makes sure to put the lessons she takes from that review into practice

1:54:30 – How he distributes the tasks that he has to do during the day so that he has as much time as possible and how he combines business tasks with maternal and leisure tasks

1:57:09 – How important are habits when it comes to taking action

1:58:10 – How much of our behavior is conscious action taken by you and how much is automatic determined by your habits

2:00:02 – What habits and routines are key for Marina and her productivity

2:02:22 – What are Marina’s conclusions to create a good habit and keep it after all the tests and experiments she has done

2:04:07 – How important Marina thinks the morning routine is and to what extent it determines the rest of a person’s day

2:09:04 – How is a morning routine that works and what are the keys and errors to design it

2:12:15 – What does Marina do to disconnect from work and enjoy her leisure time?

2:13:45 – What are the activities that work best for you to recover energy

2:17:03 – How much sleep does Marina need to be at her best and how does she make sure she sleeps that number of hours?

2:21:26 – What does Marina do so that a bad night’s sleep doesn’t ruin the next day?

2:27:02 – What is the WorkGym, how does it work and what benefits does it provide?

2:39:45 – Why does Marina think that there are people who do not take action despite having everything they need to act?

2:44:12 – How common is this of not taking action and some concrete examples

2:49:58 – Why people who do not take action end up believing their own justifications

2:55:29 – Why there are some people who are naturally executors and others who find it more difficult

2:58:19 – Why does Marina think that we talk less about taking action than about productivity and habits when these are the ones that make the difference

3:07:31 – What led Marina to train on this topic of taking action?

3:08:40 – About what the masterclass that Marina is going to do for students of Find your way, readers of Vivir al Máximo and listeners of A life to your measure and to whom it is addressed

3:14:53 – How to register for the masterclass

3:17:08 – Marina explains what profile she is looking for to hire in Psychosurvival

3:21:47 – What plans does Marina have for the future?

3:23:32 – Final tips

3:24:33 – Where to find Marina

3:26:23 – Farewell

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