The 3+1 keys to succeed with your online business, with Pau Forner Navarro

In the world of generating passive income, nobody believes that there are magic secrets and tricks. No, here you have to work. But with a good method and work it is achieved.

—Pau Forner Navarro

Pau Forner Navarro (@pau4navarro) is the creator of the blogs Habilidad Social and Una vida online, which together have more than 900,000 monthly visits; he has several niche affiliate pages that generate tens of thousands of euros a month; he teaches online marketing classes at various masters and business schools; and he is the author of the book “Direct your life”, which he published in 2018 with Editorial Planeta.

I already interviewed Pau in episodes 12 and 13 of “Una vida a tu medida”, and since it is the first time that a guest repeats himself on the podcast, I want to explain the reasons why I have brought him back:

  • The first reason is that Pau is about to launch the 2nd edition of Sueldo Pasivo, a course in which he teaches the system that he has been using for more than 5 years to earn a living with his niche pages. Both the course and the previous free training were very popular last time, so I wanted to inform you that Pau is going to launch it again
  • The second reason why I have invited Pau back to the podcast is because he is a person who knows a lot about online business, and since we focused on his story in the first interview, we could barely talk about this topic. So I wanted to take advantage of the launch of his course to record a special episode focused on the practical aspects of creating an online business, which is something that I know my audience is very interested in.

As I said, this is a different episode, which is not focused on the steps that Pau took to create a life to suit him, but on online business, which is the path that Pau and I have chosen and that many listeners choose to create your dream life.

So if you have or are thinking of starting a project on the Internet, I think you will love it, because it is full of super powerful ideas and practical advice, and because in our conversation we cover topics as interesting as…

  • What does Pau consider to be the key to creating good content for your website?
  • What Pau recommends to position your articles in the first positions of Google
  • Why Pau thinks that motivation and passion are overrated when creating an online business… and what is really important
  • What does Pau do when he has a bad day?
  • Or how Pau decides when to insist on a project that is not working and when to abandon it

If for whatever reason you have no interest in online business and all this sounds Chinese to you, don’t worry.

My recommendation is that you listen directly to the mentality block of the interview, because it is priceless and Pau’s answers are applicable to any sector.

In addition to all this, I can tell you that next Wednesday, October 23, the free training that Pau is organizing to present the 2nd edition of Sueldo Pasivo will begin, in which he will explain the keys to the system that he uses to create his niche pages.

So if you have been wanting to set up your own online project for some time and are interested in finding out more, I encourage you to reserve your place now through the following link:

(Free training) Create your passive income machine

The training will consist of 3 videos + 1 masterclass, it will start as I said before on October 23, 2019, and it will only be available for 13 days, until November 4.

In any case, if you are listening to this episode after the publication date and Pau’s training has already finished, don’t worry, I’ll try to convince him to reopen it as soon as possible or upload some kind of useful training to the same website. .

And that’s all I wanted to tell you!

I believe that this interview brings a lot of value and that it will help many people to successfully create their online business.

So without further ado, I’ll leave you with the great Pau Forner Navarro.

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Pau Forner and the sardine
You will have to listen to the interview to understand the meaning of this photo…

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quick index

0:39 – Presentation of the guest

4:00 – Start of the interview

4:05 – Pau is the first guest that Ángel interviews for the second time for the podcast, is he nervous?

4:31 – Why Ángel has decided to invite Pau again to A life tailored to you

7:24 – What is the geek card game you are going to play on Saturday

10:35 a.m. – Why Pau liked the Joker movie so much

13:48 – Pau introduces himself and tells how he makes a living and what projects he has underway at the moment

19:14 – How is the life of someone who lives from online businesses

20:50 – Pau’s opinion on whether passive income really exists or not

25:22 – What trips has Pau made since the last interview that Ángel did with him?

27:12 – What funny anecdotes do you have from those trips?

28:49 – Approximate amount of time spent managing your business during your trips

32:34 – The 3 pillars on which the businesses of Pau are based, and the majority of online businesses, around which the interview will revolve

34:53 – What is “good content” for Pau

38:29 – How to create good content for the Internet

43:00 – How Pau finds good ideas that lead to top articles

51:15 – How often does Pau recommend publishing content and how long the articles should be

58:51 – What process you follow to create your articles

1:03:21 – How long does it take to write an article?

1:08:03 – How Pau learned to write so well

1:13:10 – To this day he continues to write the contents or has a team of editors

1:16:53 – How Pau defines SEO

1:21:11 – How Google decides what content to show in the first position for a search

1:29:35 – How important is the user experience when positioning a website

1:35:29 – What method does Pau recommend to position an article?

1:38:40 – What tools do you use to define keywords

1:39:31 – How long it can take for an article to rank on Google for a keyword

1:40:41 – What does Pau think is the future of SEO?

1:44:47 – Pau explains what affiliation is

1:46:41 – Why Pau likes membership so much

1:50:10 – What are the keys to implement affiliation well

1:53:05 – Why Pau likes the Amazon affiliate program so much

1:56:31 – What is Pau’s experience with affiliate programs from other companies?

1:56:23 – How you go about finding alternative affiliate programs to Amazon

2:02:46 – Pau explains how a website is monetized with advertising

2:06:28 – What has been Pau’s experience monetizing with advertising?

2:07:59 – What are, in your opinion, the advantages and disadvantages of advertising compared to other monetization strategies?

2:09:44 – For what type of business does Pau recommend using advertising as a form of monetization?

2:16:02 – Pau explains what an info product is

2:20:28 – Why the promise of transformation of a course is so important

2:27:04 – What is Pau’s experience with info products?

2:28:16 – What are, in your opinion, the advantages and disadvantages of infoproducts?

2:29:39 – What types of people does Pau recommend creating infoproducts?

2:34:21 – What are the keys to creating and selling a good online course

2:41:27 – How do you recommend combining these monetization strategies?

2:45:51 – Why does Pau believe that some people who sign up for a course are successful and others are not?

2:49:21 – How important do you think knowledge, tactics, and skills are versus mindset to be successful in online business?

2:51:01 – What is the difference between people who believe they will succeed and those who don’t

3:03:47 – Why does Pau believe that some people, despite starting with great enthusiasm in online businesses, give up after a few months?

3:05:57 Why do you think motivation is overrated?

3:08:58 – How does Pau manage to do something when he doesn’t feel like it?

3:16:40 – What do you think about the role that passion plays in relation to motivation?

3:24:39 – Pau explains what he thinks of failure

3:28:36 – What do you do when you have a bad day?

3:33:39 – When do you recommend continuing to insist and when to abandon a project?

3:39:17 – What should be taken into account to decide which business model to start

3:42:50 – What is the first step to take after choosing the business model

3:47:18 – What expectations should be had in relation to start generating income

3:49:28 – How Pau sees the current moment to start a niche page

3:55:42 – How was the first edition of your Passive Salary course?

3:56:fifty – How did the students do with the results?

3:58:09 – How much money some of your students are already generating

4:01:40 – What did you learn during the creation, launch and management of the first edition of Sueldo Pasivo

4:04:33 – To what extent does Pau believe that he has achieved his goal of creating the best course on Internet niche pages?

4:05:25 – How is Passive Salary different and why is it better than other courses with the same niche page creation theme?

4:09:fifteen – What changes have you made in the course in terms of content compared to the previous edition

4:10:35 – What will the launch training for the second edition of Sueldo Pasivo consist of?

4:12:00 – Who may be interested in signing up for the training

4:14:48 – How Pau sees the future of niche pages

4:20:38 – Who are the mentors or people who inspire Pau

4:23:29 – How Pau manages his money

4:23:43 – What are your future plans?

4:25:14 – Any advice, recommendation or final message

4:28:43 – Where to find Pau

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