The secret to writing better texts with less effort, with Javi Pastor

We are made for stories. What do you do to a four-year-old: you read him stories. What an adult does: read books and go to the movies and watch Netflix. See stories.

We are all programmed from childhood for stories. The story is what makes you connect and hold your attention as well.

—Javi Pastor

Javi Pastor (@jpastorre) is one of the most well-known and respected copywriters in Spain, whom I already interviewed in episode #4 of the podcast.

Javi is the director of Big Bang Conversion, the first Spanish-speaking online school specialized in conversion and sales. He has participated in various launches of digital products in which his clients have billed more than 3 million euros in total. And he has trained more than 1,000 people as copywriters, many of whom now write for a living.

The skill that Javi teaches, copywriting or persuasive writing, is one of the fashionable professions and a very useful tool to create a life to suit you. So I’ve decided to invite him back on the podcast to talk to him about how to write better copy with less effort.

In this conversation, Javi and I talk in depth about this, and we touch on topics as interesting as…

  • Why to write good texts you don’t need to be a super creative person or have a great imagination… and what do you really need?
  • What is the secret that all writing professionals know and that allows them to create their texts with less effort?
  • What information do you need to collect yes or yes before sitting down to write and how to get it
  • How to write catchy headlines and introductions that grab your audience’s attention and make them unable to stop reading
  • Or what impact the coronavirus crisis will have on the copywriting and newsroom sector

In addition, at the end of the interview, Javi and I talked about the free training that we are going to organize exclusively for the listeners of “Una vida a tu medida” in which Javi will explain how to become a professional copywriter and make a living from writing in question. of months… even if you have no experience or prior knowledge.

The training will take place from May 4 to 10, 2020, it will consist of 4 live classes and it will be completely free, so if at any time you have considered the possibility of making a living writing or if you are simply curious and want to know more about how a copywriter works, I invite you to enter and reserve your place right now through the following link:

(Free training) How to live writing and become a professional copywriter

I also invite you to know María’s opinion about “I am a Copywriter”: Javi Pastor’s premium program. She was a student in the March 2019 edition (when she was still called Adopt a Copywriter) and as soon as I finished I hired her at Vivir al Máximo, so the course works 🙂

And well, that’s all I wanted to tell you!

I think you’re going to love this interview because it’s a real masterclass in persuasive writing and it’s also a lot of fun, so without further ado I’ll leave you with the great Javi Pastor.

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Escape Room Javi and Angel
You will have to listen to the interview to understand the meaning of this photo…

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quick index

0:48 – Presentation of the guest

2:59 – Start of the interview

3:03 – Ángel explains why he has brought Javi back to the podcast

6:02 – How Javi handles not being able to do escape rooms, one of his passions

9:09 – Ángel and Javi tell the story of the escape room they did together in Brazil

11:45 a.m. – Javi recommends the best escape rooms to do when the confinement is over

13:01 – Javi introduces himself and briefly tells who he is

15:59 – What developments have there been in your life since the last interview that Ángel did with you?

19:17 – What exactly is a meteoric launch that is a type of launch in which Javi has just participated

12:40 p.m. – What is copywriting

27:55 – What exactly does a copywriter do?

29:45 – Javi clarifies if the copy is a modern profession that is carried out only online

35:29 – How does the work of a copywriter differ from the work of a writer?

38:02 – Many people think that creativity is what makes a good copy, but what would Javi say is the profile of the people who write the best texts?

42:05 – What does Javi think about Eugene Schwartz’s phrase that says that copy is not written but rather built and assembled?

48:18 – About what to research before sitting down to write a text

50:10 – What information a copy should collect in order to build each of the pieces with which to later assemble the text

55:31 – How does a copywriter get that information when he can’t prove the product or service he wants to sell?

1:06:24 – What is the process that Javi follows when investigating

1:17:29 – What is the angle or focus of a text that Javi also calls “the big idea”

1:30:40 – What function does the title or headline of a text fulfill and why is it such an important piece?

1:36:14 – What should we take into account to write good titles

1:41:02 – What is Javi’s process when writing a title

1:44:29 – What is the most important thing to keep in mind when writing secondary titles and subtitles

1:48:58 – What role does the introduction play and why is it important?

1:51:46 – What are the keys to writing a good introduction

1:57:37 – What is Javi’s process to write a good introduction

2:04:40 – What are the 5 levels of awareness of the potential customer

2:14:36 – Javi explains how long a sales page should be

2:16:19 – In what types of texts are the stories used and why are they important?

2:22:14– What makes a story a good story

2:25:16 – How Javi manages to tell good stories

2:27:27 – Why a story should never be about you and should always be about the reader or client

2:31:34 – What are the pieces that make up an offer?

2:41:54 – How to present an offer so irresistible that it sells itself

2:51:49 – Why bullet points are so powerful and are used so much in copywriting texts

2:54:27 – Tips for writing bullet points

3:00:18 – What are testimonials for and why are they important?

3:03:30 – What makes a testimonial make sense and work?

3:09:56 – How to get them to give you good testimonials

3:17:19 – What to do if you still do not have testimonials because your product or service is new

3:19:48 – Why is the postscript important?

3:23:46 – In what order or in what way should the different pieces be placed to assemble a sales page?

3:31:28 – What pieces are needed to create daily sales emails and in what order should they be placed?

3:37:25 – What pieces are needed to create a radio or television advertisement

3:46:19 – How the copywriting sector has evolved since 2018 when Ángel interviewed you for the last time

3:50:51 –Javi explains if he thinks that training as a copywriter is a good opportunity today

3:53:12 – How Javi thinks the coronavirus crisis will affect the copywriting sector

3:55:57 – What does the Adopt a Copywriter training program consist of and who is it for?

4:04:51 – Which edition is Adopta un copy going for and what improvements have you made in the training methodology since the last time Ángel and Javi spoke?

4:07:35 – What is the copy path, that is, the phases someone goes through from the time they start until they become a consolidated copywriter

4:12:11 – What does Javi think is the difference between students who finish Adopt a copy successfully and those who don’t?

4:16:23 – What will the free training that Javi and Ángel have prepared exclusively for readers of Vivir al Máximo and listeners of Una vida a tu measure will consist of and who is it for?

4:22:35 – What are Javi’s future plans on a personal and professional level?

4:26:07 – Advice, message or final recommendation for listeners

4:28:17 – Where to find Javi

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