We’ll be back in September! (end of the 2020/21 season)

After more than 9 months publishing new content and organizing different free workshops, the time has come for the entire Vivir al Máximo team to take a break.

That means that between now and September we will continue to serve and support our customers (and may even send a newsletter), but we will not publish new articles or interviews on the podcast.

The truth is that the 2020/21 season has been very intense for us.

It has been a season in which…

  • We have made very important improvements in our Find Your Way program
  • We have made the largest launch of the program to date, and we have also successfully organized the edition with the most students
  • For the first time, we have organized a summer edition of Find your Way
  • We have expanded the team with the incorporation of Jesús

But it has also been a season in which…

  • We have been without Isa for 6 months because in August she had a daughter and was on maternity leave for several months
  • We have invested a lot in projects that have not worked as expected or have not even seen the light of day.
  • We have published less content than other years due to lack of resources, especially fewer interviews in the podcast
  • We have noticed the effects of the covid crisis on business results

In summary: we have had a very full few months, in which many things have happened and in which we have worked very hard…

And now what we need are a few weeks off to recover energy, reflect, and be able to get back to work after the summer with a fresh mind and full of good ideas 💪

As for my vacation plans, at the moment I don’t have any.

This year my friends from Madrid and I have decided to postpone our traditional “walker trip” to October – November, because we want to go to Argentina and be vaccinated, so I have no idea what I will do from July to September.

I will probably stay with my girlfriend here, on the peninsula, because after several months living as digital nomads to escape the pandemic, we feel like a bit of routine and tranquility.

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