What is success for you?

In the last episode of “Una vida a tu medida”, the Vivir al Máximo podcast, I ask my guest Esther Rodríguez why she thinks that nowadays there are so many people who feel lost and don’t know what to do with you his life

I loved your answer.

According to Esther, the origin of the dissatisfaction epidemic we are currently experiencing lies in the fact that we have been educated with a concept of success that is the same for everyone.

In our society, being successful is synonymous with…

  • Have a stable job from 9 to 6 (if possible, in the public administration or in a large multinational)
  • Earn a lot of money (the more you earn, the more you are worth)
  • Having your own home (even if that means mortgaging you for the rest of your life)
  • Have a family and 2.5 children (dog is optional)
  • Going on vacation to the beach in August (if you go to an exotic country and upload the photos to Instagram, you will be even cooler)
  • Work very hard every day until retirement arrives (because you know: in life you have to sacrifice)

And of course, this image of success is so widespread and so embedded in our heads, that the simple idea of ​​rejecting it and doing something different not only seems terrible to us, but also terrifies us.

However, if you stop to analyze it, this has neither head nor tail.

If each of us likes different things…

If each of us have different circumstances…

if each one of us are different…

At what point did it occur to us that to be happy we all had to do the same?

It does not make any sense!

But there we continue: chasing like robots the concept of success that we have been sold.

This idea, the idea that there is no one right path for everyone, but that each of us has to find our own path, is something that I have been advocating since I started this blog.

For this reason, when I am asked in interviews if everyone should create an online business to travel the world, I always say no, that there are people who would love that lifestyle… but also others who would love it. they wouldn’t like anything.

For this reason, I have written posts like this one, in which I explain what else (earning furtherhave a company with further employees, living in a flat further bigger) is not necessarily better.

And for this reason, although in Vivir al Máximo I present you with different alternatives and interesting opportunities, you will never hear me say that something is “the right thing”, “the best thing” or “what you have to do”.

Because I just don’t think there is such a thing.

My vision is of a world in which all people are walking their own path.

A path aligned with their nature, which allows them to lead a life that motivates them and of which they feel proud.

I am convinced that this world would be a better place, in which people would be kinder and happier, because we would all be taking advantage of our potential and our talent.

Hence, my goal with Vivir al Máximo is not to teach you how to create an online business or become a digital nomad, but to help you find your own path and follow it successfully.

I insist: you own way.

Not the path everyone follows.

Not the path your parents want for you.

Nor the path that has gone well for others.

but a path that you you have chosen and that makes you happy.

I am aware that finding a path like this is not easy.

After all, today there are millions of different options, and no one has taught us to choose well.

For this reason, next week I am going to give a free online workshop in which I will give you the keys to discover what you want and create a life that motivates you, excites you and truly fulfills you.

The workshop will consist of 4 live classes in which, among many other things, I will reveal…

  • The exercise that changed my life and helped me discover what I really wanted
  • The surprising reason why you feel empty and dissatisfied… despite the fact that from the outside it seems that everything is going great for you
  • Why “Follow Your Passion” Is Bad Advice, And What You Should Do Instead
  • My secret technique to know if a certain path is for you without having to try it
  • My step-by-step system to find an option for the future that excites you

If you are interested, you can reserve your place here:

(Free workshop) How to discover what you want and create a life that motivates you, excites you and truly fulfills you

I have been researching this topic for several years and I promise you that the content that I am going to present to you is 100% practical and very powerful. So, if at this moment you are not sure what to do with your life, I encourage you to give it a chance 🙂

For now, I leave you with a very important question that you may not have asked yourself until now…

What is success for you?

Think about it calmly and, when you have an answer, share it in the private Facebook group that you will have access to when you sign up for the training.

See you inside!

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